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For Always and Eternity

Updated on December 18, 2009


 This is just something I wrote on the spur of the moment. I have no clue what form of poetry it would be nore do I know if it is even a type of poetry. Inspiration just struck and this is what emerged from it. I hope you enjoy it.

For Always and Eternity


As I look upon you now all cold and silent

I can only wonder what your final thoughts were.

Were you happy or were you in pain.

I only wish we could have talked on more time,

before your end. I will carry on for thy

Your beliefs, your ideas will live on

For always and forever

And this is the promise I make to you,

Sleep now my friend, be in the one place

That I know you were always happy in.

Sleeping in a world of your own.

For always and eternity.

I remember all you have said,

I know you weren’t afraid,

Nor were you a runner,

You knew the truth of the world,

Understanding things which we will never,

Yet you kept your secrets to yourself

Only letting us have a glimpse at what you knew.

In the end you took your knowledge with you

Leaving us with only tiny snips and pieces,

Tiny pieces of the puzzle that we will never finish

Though we will try to understand what you knew.

For always and eternity.

Your final message to us,

The one that made you prepared,

The one that made you have no fear,

The one that you shared so that we would have comfort.

That message simple and easy to grasp,

“We are beings of finity, we only last so long and then we are gone,

But don’t be afraid for if nothing ended nothing new could begin,

So don’t worry, don’t be afraid, this is just a cycle, that goes on and on,

Things ending and new things beginning,

For always and eternity.”

Sleep in peace my friend.


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