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For Any princess Of Summer.

Updated on November 23, 2009

For Any Princess of summer, feeling her blues.


Bury your nose in a flowers center
and breath deep of a fragile moment
soon dried and tumbled to shreds,
hold a tiny kitten, warm in the
bed of your lap, and feel it's
soft vibrations hum.
Catch a snowflake upon your tongue
and savor it, it like life is brief,
with no two exactly alike, but it enjoys
its long fall from heaven's grace,
and creates a diamond studded blanket
in the morning sun with its passing.
Blow a kiss to one you've lost,
and know that it will reach them,
the air is full of blown kisses,
and some may even be for you,
There.... I just sent you one,
now smile, and write,
and when the moment is right
there will come a soothing touch,
and poetry will flow like
nectar on a hummingbird's beak,
and crying will be a distant
salt stain on an old blouse,
and heartache will be

filled with love's cure...
and you will have a release,
a re-lease on life itself.


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