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For Gemini's Most Precious Loss.

Updated on January 12, 2010


For Gemini's most precious loss.    

When fate put
the letter E
in your dear
Dad's title,
leaving him D-e-ad
to all that
he truly loved,
your world stopped
and gasped for air,
with agony creasing
the lines of all of
his loved ones faces.
Heart aches were
wrenched like
elastic from a tight
place, only to snap
back again,and again.
But know that he is
just beyond the
human membranes
that composed him,
just past the walls
of flesh that
encase us all.
Free from pain
and whole, and
young again he dwells,
in a place of his
own making with all
good souls who strive,
to be their children's best.
He has joined the
ranks of the "Father's
without daughters,"
a huge club of
heavenly spirits,
who wait for their
dearest to be rejoined
with them at each
daughters duly
appointed time.
He'll watch you grieve
and then regain,
the strength
he loved so much in you.
He'll thrill at
all you achieve,
and all that
you delight in.
He'll be a part of you,
until the parts of you,
fail too and
then you too will
join the "Daughters
returned to Father's club, "
where a banquet,and so much
love is served daily.
I wish only peace for you,
I have walked this
incredibly painful road
with my Mother, and when we
reached the end of her path,
with tear stained hands
I released her,
sigh-ning the removal of
all life support,
and I felt only
complete and udder peace,
as she joined her club,
and waits there now for me.
We are all God's family
and he sees to it
that we remain that way,
inseparable by death,
and bounded for all time.
My deepest regrets
and all the hope
I can offer as
a humble poet,
moved by the heavens.







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