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For Steve and Dessy

Updated on April 6, 2013
It was a very early Sunday morning and i was already late for service but o! my God what is really going on i thought, i paused for a while then realized that the SUV was on fire, people rushed to the aid of the driver, a 47yrs old nurse but the flame was much and his 11yrs old son was trapped inside the car, there was fire extinguishers from every corner but the flame picked strength at each spray. I have to do something i gushed but no! I am not superman. At this juncture,i remembered my nine years old daughter Dessy; what if she was the one in that SUV?

What would i do?

I didn't know how it happened but the press tagged it the Superman. You see, i rushed out from my Benz and ran towards the SUV and ups!I found my way and dragged the innocent kid out from the fire-engulfed SUV then rushed him to the hospital myself, you see,it was serious because after two weeks in the intensive care, Doctors said the child will not walk again. I visited him in the hospital quite often with Dessy, believe me i understood the pain his parents nursed.

We however became family friends, Dessy at this time began visiting him in the hospital alone, yes it was January 12th and now one Month has passed, two days to the valentine, she did not sleep that night but by morning, i and my my wife saw what kept her awake, she knitted a dull for Steve, guess that was the best gift he got on his hospital bed. Months passed then he was discharged then came the recuperation and every other thing that follows.

Twelve years later

I mean, i know that the guy has a Lion heart and so seeing him defy the odds and smile widely today, standing on his own two feet at the altar as he placed a ring on my daughter’s finger was simply an Answer to my prayer.

You see, when i learned that Steve will no longer walk,that was twelve years back, i went on my knees and cried to God like i was crying for my own son then begged God to show us his face, i begged him to give strength to his burnt legs, i wept bitterly for days and fasted for months then God did it.

For Steve and Dessy, we all love you and wish you a happy married life.


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