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Lion claws

Updated on March 16, 2013

The strongest part of you-the claws

With this you tackle your enemies

With this you tear your manna

With this you undertake your devotion

The lion claws

That you represent

Che you were a symbol of resistance, you stood for the poor and you gave your life for that.

You represent the Lion claws and with your own claws, you defiled imperialism and helped achieve a statue which Cuba now enjoy, they saw it coming and wanted it stopped but your bravery made it happen,today Cubans are free because you were involved.

You are our commander and the record you set has touched and changed so many.

Yes, you made yourself great enemies, even Christ had same kind of enemies when he was here on Earth, they captured you just as he was captured then executed the same way they killed him but what they did not know was that you have finished your devotion.

Then came yet another apostle, Africa reckoned him because he represented yet that same claws, he stood for his people and fought for their freedom,he was like Moses to the Israelite.

He fought for the right of the entire South and Eastern parts of Nigeria and that gave birth to the people of Biafra, like your case Che, he was not captured but he he became poor for the people and at the end although Biafra was toppled...

..."Your ideas lived on and i must confess that your involvement helped freed the Biafrans from the antics of their detractors".

Oh strong man

It takes wisdom and courage

It takes love and honesty

You had them all

You conquered your foes

You freed your people

You are one of the claws

Believe me, it is not easy

It is not easy for the strong man to be strong, it is not easy to be Che or Ojukwu neither is it easy to be Chavez. It is not easy to be the Lion claws.

You all served us well and gave us freedom

You all died leaders of the people

You all revolted against injustice

Your critics points out at where they themselves say that you failed but what they know not is that being in the arena is not easy, yes you are humans bond to mistakes and bond to death, you are not immortals so whatever they think of you, that they also think of him who sent you but the most important thing is that you finished your devotions.

Chavez cried out "O Lord, do not take me now". An act of love but God wanted you just when it happened, although they are in jubilation and we are in grief but he who laughs last laughs best, they consider you pointless, yes it is better to be a strong man with weak point than a weak man without a strong point.

Oh comrades, the battle will never cease, believe me, all you wanted will be as you planned it,gone but not far away from us because your spirits lingers and will forever guide us, it is not your revolution, it is our revolution and in our souls you all live, 'no victor no vanquished,hasta victoria siempre'.

We all have things in common

Che lives on

Ojukwu lives on

Chavez lives on

Patria o muerte


The Bolivariano movement and revolution lives on with________?



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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 4 years ago from Biafra

      Lives on with us.