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For my Wonderful Mom

Updated on July 6, 2015
Ivyzaide profile image

hi, I‘m Ivy from the philippines. I love writing poems about what I feel or anything that comes to mind.

For my wonderful Mom

who gives us everything

The light of our home

That I will never exchange for anything

A shoulder to lean on

A pillow to cry on

A diary to tell your secrets

A camera to capture your cherish moments

She can make a fool out of you

But she will never betray you

A true friend you can run on to

And she’s someone to hold on to

She‘s always their when you‘re in pain

Even when you‘re insane

She will join you under the rain

And catch you when you fall of the plane

She‘s my bestfriend

Who will be their till the end

And when the world is against me

Her shining light is all I see



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