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Updated on September 23, 2009

Traces of Blue


This is for you Dad…

For all that we never got a chance to say, all we didn’t get time to begin

This is our bridge-between a then not to be

And right now, empty without you

Years of blank spaces, spilling across our open places

For you, somewhere in these traces of blue…



I look for you, feel you- hear you.

Watch the sky open as my heart did our first morning

Are you there?

Waiting for me-tentatively heading towards release then connection

Is this your voice on the gentle breeze?

Through whispers of a spring arriving at last

Is this you in this bright blue morning?

Touching me-calling me in the cool air

Winter wants to leave, yet we’ll stumble in her footprints

Waiting for the promise of spring

Our blue rising like

Lyrics of a song we didn’t get to finish…

A melody above the roar…


This roar, my roar


This blue spreading across Sunday morning

Early, bright

Our blue connecting us

Letters forming feelings we didn’t get to define

Moments left unfinished

Now yellowing

Becoming fragile- precious.

Milestones unmarked

Memories we were left only to imagine

This morning blue filling- spilling over

Too crowded

This blue standing in our distance

My distance, that space between child, girl-woman

Our blue fading now beneath darkening skies

Yet, if I close my eyes on any wide open day

I can still see you

The imprint of where you should be

This blue calls

Your voice now in the wind-its crisp snap pulling me

Now our embrace I can feel your arms around me

Warmth rising above this bitter winter

This is you Dad-in the cool blue breeze making confetti of petals

Big pink soft free falling to grass not quite green enough to absorb the contrast

My wish for you.


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