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Updated on January 15, 2012

On my quest

On my quest
of finding love
Too much has happened
too much got lost

So much tragedy
heartache and pain
But I made it through the storm
I made it through the rain

Barely alive
yet standing tall
I'll win this battle
I'll win this war

The battle for love
the battle for peace
So I can rest
and be at ease


Want to come home

When I was a child
I always wanted to belong
But now that I've grown up
all I want is to come home

Come home to you
wherever you are
Come home to you
whether near or far

My kindred soul
where have you gone
Come back to me
where you belong

A song spell sung
carried through time
I know you are out there
and again will be mine


My dream that died

Long time ago
when I was just girl
I dreamt of a love
to enter my world

My tall dark prince
a man to desire
Perfection in essence
someone to admire

But as the years
slowly went by
My dream got lost
it simply died

Then all of a sudden
out of the blue
The dream that died
suddenly came true

Not a prince
but my tall dark King
My lover for life
my everything

Grateful for your love
proud of who you are
I will always be
there where you are

I love you my love
body, mind and soul
My heart belongs to you
you are my home


The moment we met

The moment we met
I looked into your eyes
The depths of your soul
my heart opened wide

There you were
my reality
A man so fine
like a fantasy

You touch my heart
you warm my soul
Because of you
I'm no longer alone

Blessed am I
for finding you
A man who loves me
only true

Your soft sweet kisses
your gentle touch
Set me on fire
I love you so much



And now that I
start to realize
That you're the one
the completion of my life

Awoken to a dream
honest and sincere
You're such a beautiful man
who loves me without fear

You open up my heart
you ignite my fire
You caress my soul
yes you take me higher

My mind just takes me
when thinking of you
Feeling your passion
unable to move

My body trembling
under your touch
I feel your desire
your hunger your lust

Exploring each other
in the still of the night
A lovers dance
energies rise

I push myself
real close to you
I feel you respond
I feel what you do

Aroused by your hardness
I open wide
Eager to feel you
deep inside

My pelvis pushing
pushing strong
I want you baby
all night long

I feel you slide
inside of me
And together we reach



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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 4 years ago from Under the Stars

      Thank you for your Beautiful comment!!!

      Much Love

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 4 years ago

      Why is it that love has to be

      either too much pain or pleasure

      Seldom somewhere between

      Way to hard to measure............:-}

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Dear Blaise25, thank you for your kind words. And life has it ups and downs but like the poem said, I made it trough the storm and I made it through the rain.

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 6 years ago from close to you...

      Felt the torture and pain. I hope you're better now.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      My feelings in rhyme

      For my love of all times