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Updated on April 16, 2017


A negative manifestation of emotion

—Starved of essential warmth—

I am a beast lurking stealthily through the brush,

Searching for a scent.

I approach my pray

Low to the earth w/,

Regulated breath,

Dilated eyes, & a

Thirst for nourishment.

—Muscles tensed—

[The pray cried to its last breath]

Unsatisfied & selfish...

Within I tore myself apart.

Am I crazy!?

[Psychotic laughter]

The Human touch

The internal reward

The source of warmth.

—It’s all around—

Through an act of kindness one can touch many,

It starts w/ an individual &

Slowly spreads

Like dye through water.

—The beast is full—

- Francisco Hernandez

14 October 2011


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