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Forbidden Love - A Love Poem

Updated on June 18, 2013

Love Not Meant to Be....

Forbidden Love

Scenes of a forbidden love
linger in my head
So sweet, so innocent was their love
but in the end they're dead.

Like Romeo & his sweet Juliet,
our love was never meant to be
But we went on without a care
no regard for destiny.

We tasted fruit that was forbade
we'd have it no other way
Never thinking of cost to anyone
just us together, come what may.

Our love, it formed a solid bond,
our hearts eternally entwined
Although our love should not have been,
no purer love you'll find.

Societal conventions make thier attempts
to keep the two of us split apart
But cruel and archaic customs
can never hinder kindred hearts.

In a world that's full of chaos
where things are all out of control,
He's the last piece of my puzzle,
the one that makes me whole.


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