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Forbidden Heart Chapter Two (A Triology)

Updated on August 16, 2014


'I hate you,' I Yelled.
I quickly grabbed my keys and phone and ran out my door. I jumped in the car and sped off. I had no idea where I was going to go. All I knew was I wanted to get out of there and hopefully never go back there.

The only person I could message was Tom. I didn't speak to any of my friends. Not after Zoe had something to do with that. She was the biggest bitch and the biggest tart I had ever met. Though when we were still friends she wasn't that bad. She had gotten worse.

So I pulled over and texted Tom.

Are you home yet?

Just got home...He sent me almost straight away.

Do you mind if I come over. I had a fight with my father.


Cool be there in about five minutes. I sent him.

I started the car again and made my way to Tom's. It took me a little longer than five minutes. But Tom was waiting for me. We went straight up to his room and I made myself comfortable on his bed. Tom sat on the computer chair.

'Are you ok. What happened?' Tom asked me.

'He found out that I got suspended and I blamed him for Danila. I said I hated him. So he slapped me and I ran out. And I am not going back.'

'You can always stay here. I know my mother wont care.'

'I know. I'll ask her when she gets home.'

I was glad that I had Tom as a friend. He was the only one I could trust right now. And if I was still with Danila I would trust him the most. But after seeing him with Zoe, my trust for him had lessen. And I thought that could never happen. But then again I thought a lot of things could never have happened and that I was wrong. So wrong.
Tom's mother didn't come home for atleast an hour but when I asked her she said that I was welcomed to stay as long as I want. I told her that I would pay two hundred and fifty a week, and she aloud me to stay in the pool house. I like that, because it meant I could have just that little bit more privacy.
I could tell that Tom was really excited that I was going to stay. And I was too. Because it meant that I didn't have to worry about my father. That I didn't have to see my father again. And I never wanted to.
We walked down to the pool house and we stayed there until Tom's mother called us for tea. I was looking forward to having a home cooked meal. It had been over six months since I had a home cooked meal, and because of that I had lost at least ten kilos. Dinner turned out really nice, and Tom's mother told me that I shouldn't worry about my father, that she would take care of him. I knew she would because my parents had been friends with Tom's parents as long as Tom and I had been friends for. I had a feeling that Tom's mother might even tell him off. I hoped she did.

I would have done the dishes, but they had a dishwasher. So instead I helped pack it, then went and hung in Tom's room for a while. We ended up watching a movie then at eight-thirty I left. I didn't want to keep Tom up, because he still had to go to school tomorrow.
Back in my now room, I grabbed my phone and laid on the bed. Feeling a little tired. I braced myself and checked my phone. And as I thought I had a message from my father.
If your not back by tomorrow afternoon, you better watch out.
I wanted to send a message back saying I wasn't coming back. But I didn't want my father to know that. Because I wanted to sneak back there and grab what I could before my father came home.
My father didn't scare me one bit.He could threatened me as much as he likes. But it wasn't going to make me go home.Instead I messaged Tom.

Thanks for being such a great friend. I don't know what I would do without your friendship. And I love you for sticking with me.♡:-).

And as always I got a reply almost instantly.

I wouldn't trade in our friendship for anything. I love you to.

It made me smile. I laid the phone next to me, then closed my eyes hoping I would fall asleep.


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    • My books 2014 profile image

      My books 2014 3 years ago

      Chapter three of Forbidden Heart should be available in the next day or so.