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Foreshadows: A Poem

Updated on May 21, 2012


Pay them forward

Pregnant women

Rule the world

Besides hormones

In her bones

Is civilization

My ribcage bears

My heart exposed

Men pretend

Lack a womb

Men protect

Her from harm

Proud of treasure

An embryo grows

Fingers and toes

Outside is cold

Inside is warm

Hearts beat

In tandem


A watchmaker sets

Clocks to precision

Within her navel

Her table is spread

Milk, honey and bread

Her girth is the earth

Give birth to a pearl

Girls desperate to be

Somebody’s mother

Misinterpret love

Build a pedestal

For imperfect people


Have nine children

Get on television

Have nine more

Get a sequel

“Alimony WMD”

There are secrets

Beneath the surface

Cracks in foundation

A buggy rolls

Down a driveway

Do you look away?

The stroller may

Be empty

Rest your head

She sleeps well

The wind carries

Wedding bells

Forged in steel

Windmills spin

On the horizon


In the distance

We stand united

Scattered smoke

Shattered mirrors

Her water breaks

A great river

Washes away

Labor pains

Smack the baby

On the back


It’s a beautiful..

A beautiful life



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    • CBartelmey profile image

      CBartelmey 5 years ago from Colorado, United States

      That one didn't have quite the rhythm as the couple others of yours that I have read. The others felt like I was being led down a very definite path, with my hand being held and my eyes fixated forward. This one, I kept losing the path. The imagery was there, but for some reason the picture in its entirety didn’t piece together. Nevertheless, I still contend that I love your writing.

    • Innuentendre profile image

      Innuentendre 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hit or miss CBartelmey..Thanks for the feedback!

    • CBartelmey profile image

      CBartelmey 4 years ago from Colorado, United States

      You remind me of Babe Ruth. You either come up and hit them out the park, or you don't, but either way everyone is still going to remember you and love the attempts you are taking at excellence. Excellence is a hard mark to hit, but you really are a good writer and one, again this is coming from me who doesn’t even like poetry, and two, I really am being genuine when I say that.

    • Innuentendre profile image

      Innuentendre 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Wow thanks CBartelmey! Left hand sluggers.. me & the babester..pretty good company :)

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