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Forever Lost

Updated on May 10, 2013

She is trapped across the sea,
And, together one day we may be.
I see her upon billowing clouds,
crushed if I dare speak it aloud.

The sorrow and misery deepen,
frightened that I may be beaten.
A glimpse of your shadow, I reach for thee.
and, suddenly I can no longer see.

I cry for you, my dear,
and sometimes feel you near.
Each and every passing day,
I pray you find your way.

I weep endlessly each night,
Searching for a ray of light.
My heart ripped to shreds,
Oh God, this is what I dread.

My hope slowly fades,
and my uncertain future is made,
If I can’t hang on,
Forever she may be gone.

If forever she is lost,
my soul will pay the cost.
So I need to believe,
that my heart I may retrieve.

I dreamed again last night.
That you were in my sight.
You took me by the hand,
Together we walked amidst the sand.

Many years later you did come back,
yet, love and connection you did lack,
I wanted so to die,
but all I could do was sigh!


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