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Forever Yours Forever Mine

Updated on September 24, 2012
My marc and I forever mine
My marc and I forever mine | Source

The day we met

it was then I knew,

I had forever lost,

my heart to you.

Then one day

you came with a ring.

My heart started pounding,

yes was all I could say.

You are my prince

my own true love.

I've never met,

anyone like you since.

We built our life,

you and I.

we had beautiful kids.

Then settled down,

our older years now,

we could see.

You wiped away all my tears,

loving me so much.

Even after all these years.

Our love was very strong,

marrying you was right.

Even though others thought,

that it was wrong.

People said we would fail,

some even tried hard,

to seperate us.

All to no avail.

All of our friends,

said we were blessed.

We showed them all,

true love never ends.

When people made me sad,

or hurt me so,

you loved me so much,

it made you real mad.

To this very day,

thirty years later.

We showed them all

true love never ends.


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