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Forever is Yours

Updated on April 20, 2020
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Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects including education and creative writing.

"The panic subsided and her mind became clear. She came to realize she was in a coffin."
"The panic subsided and her mind became clear. She came to realize she was in a coffin." | Source

Lilith awoke in darkness, gasping on the rank air. Disorientation worked its evil magic. She didn't know if she was standing or lying down.

It wasn’t until she flailed her arms and legs did she realize she was lying down in a small compartment made of wood. This unsettling feeling shot through her petite body.

“Drake!” she rasped.

Drake, as she knew him, was her mysterious lover. He came to her room every night seducing her with his subtle words and animalistic appeal. If anyone was going to get her out of this hell, it was him.

Thinking of Drake calmed her. The panic subsided and her mind became clear. She came to realize she was in a coffin.

Wasn’t this what Drake told her to expect?

He will find her, dig her up, and the two will become creatures of the night.

She licked her lips – and newly developed fangs – in anticipation.
She licked her lips – and newly developed fangs – in anticipation. | Source

Her mind went back to that fateful night when he came one last time.

“I can give you, 'forever',” he said in his thick Romanian accent. The words were like wine, seeping into her, leaving her intoxicated.

"You can have me forever after," she replied, sealing the deal between the two.

Ah, forever, she thought, her and Drake. She thought of the plan: he was going to make it happen. He will find her, dig her up, and the two will become creatures of the night. She licked her lips – and newly developed fangs – in anticipation.

She remembered something he told her before she “died” in his arms.

“When in doubt, find the light,” he said in his usual cryptic ways.

She ran her hands onto the lid above her. It didn’t take long before she found a small chain and pulled it.

The coffin’s interior lit up with a blinding and burning light. She screamed in pain. But before she attempted to turn the light off, something caught her eyes: A small inscription from her lover.

Dear sweet Lilith,

Our love cannot be. Vampires must look after themselves. Having two in this world is one too many.

Love you always,


P.S. Forever is yours.

Lilith screamed even louder. This howl was not caused by the burning pain of light. It was the realization that she was jilted, and would remain so until the end of time in a small, dark place.

"Forever is yours..." originally posted at
"Forever is yours..." originally posted at

Devious "Drake"

Sometimes, the greatest horror is not realizing -- until it's too late -- you've been deceived by someone you thought you could trust. That's what happened to Lilith. She was seduced by the prospect of living forever with her lover. However, her lover decided to reject her in the most deviant way possible.

She will spend eternity in a coffin while the "man" she was willing to die for will find someone else to seduce -- and possibly, commit the same act with.

That's a problem in today's society. Vampires don't exist; however, people who are just as deviant and sneaky -- like Drake -- do. And the Drakes of the world will pray on one's vulnerability, gullibility or sheer ignorance to get what they want.

In this story, Lilith was used by Drake (you can imagine the reasons). Unfortunately, she didn't see it coming, for she was blinded by her own desires -- And Drake was well aware of those desires.

Thus, it goes to show you: Never trust anyone with a wild-eyed pitch to give you something you desire. Also, never trust the undead; especially if they have fangs.

© 2014 Dean Traylor


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good vampire story Dean, with a message for us all.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      An interesting story Dean, and reading between the lines you tell a real story that is on-going to this day which will never change.


    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 

      6 years ago from glasgow

      Liked the story very much,great stuff.


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