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Foreword to Forward

Updated on August 17, 2017
Nikhil Chopra profile image

Artist. Poet. Writer. With each word I wish you see.... The world within & the one around me

Dawn delivers night

Possibility the sight

Perspective the might

Beyond wrong and right

The world has its place

Etched upon each face

Expression the trail

Words set the sail

Not much to be said

A load of my head

Delivered to you

Each poem stands true

Each poem more than rhyme

In catharsis lies the crime

Time sold or bought

Life cataloged in thought

Head about to sink

Eyes about to blink

My life stands in ink

Weathered and at brink

Images vague as imagery wrestles

In each line my life nestles

Hope you find the time

To take a glance at this chance

A chance I take, each page you turn

Ashes each reflection, my soul about to burn

To look beyond each word

Carrying within a world

Man stays in the middle

Moments form the riddle

No answers to questions in tow

As I look above and below

As dawn beckons night

Ushering dreams I see in light

And demons which lie in store

As I try open the door

Shut it tight for fright of more

So I write and fight and write

Too little is too much to take

Encounters beyond their make

For a life still struggling to stay awake

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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