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Forget Me Too

Updated on May 22, 2016

Don't tell me you love me, it was only but a dream
Don't tell me you need me only when life is serene
Forget me too as so many before you
Forget me too as the morning sun kisses the dew
Let me fade from your memory now
On my way out I take a deep bow
I bid you luck, I wish you the best
As with any bond time is the test
I know what its like to be shut out, been there before
Every fiber of my being shouts, "Look away and turn back no more!"
Listen to that typically quiet voice inside
That screams to you, "Alas, love has died!"
The small, still voice is never wrong
When love begins to sour the end thereof is never long
Forget me now, forget I existed
Love unrequited, so very twisted
I have removed every last trace of my presence
Even removing my ethereal essence
I'm just a ghost now, I was never really here
Forget me now and move on through the years
Just a phantom, a figment of the imagination
Forget me too, love has no duration



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