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Updated on January 30, 2012


I feel so bad for who I am.

What I want I can never have.

What I need it just can't be.

All I have ever wanted has been taken away.

Now every day all I do is dream of a day when the pain is gone.

If I can't have her then it seem I wish I'd forget.

But I love her so much that's not what I want.

I just want to lay back,

Crank up the tunes drown out the pain.

No matter what it takes,

To drown the sorrow,

A drink or two,

You never know.

But it hurts so bad can't I just sit back and forget for a day?

Am I allowed to do that,

Just sit back and forget?

I wait and wish for a time when there is no pain.

A time when I will forget.

That's all I want,

Even if it's just for a day,

All I want is to forget.


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