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Forgive Me I Kissed The Sun

Updated on September 11, 2017

Despite the threat, I still found the heat alluring,
My body shook and the world trembled underfoot,
I felt nothing but a strong force drawing me closer,
Too late the heat charred my soul.

I tried to struggle to attain prerogative,
But the current chased me away from logic,
And so I wandered from the base of real perspective,
With the hope that sooner or later, I could escape the magic.

The bliss lasted only for a while,
And soon sharp pain lacerated my deepest thoughts,
I drowned myself into an endless fall,
To the scavengers madly waiting for my onslaught.

But I was too weak to fight and too young to die,
My wounds are terribly aching,
Blood oozed out as I breathe to life,
My soul no longer has feelings.

I cried in pain and went wild and numb,
And swore never again to entertain the fire,
So forgive me I kissed the sun,
Please nurse my wounds and mend my heart.


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    • Dabby Lyric profile image

      Dabby Lyric 8 weeks ago from US

      Well penned. Your vibrant descriptions take me on the same journey and back-lovely.