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Forgotten Warrior - Trên Đồi Hiu Quạnh

Updated on July 16, 2017


You live here alone in the hills and the trees
He offers him a cool breeze of mountain
Then talk to the Lord of the saints listening to the wind
Keep the memories buried deep inside

The world has forgotten the sacrifices that he created
The wound he gave reminded him of the price he paid
Auto is not exchanged with the blood it was bought by
Warriors like him and the war they fought

We can not forget our warriors by letting them not use them but
With weight and list we can help to ease the pain
Our self-made will be given if no one else protects them.

Soldier's love

Afternoon stopping hill steps
The skyline is low
Backpack poetry writing love poems he wrote
The letter is not circular send love back

I'm going to school now
White shirt flies in the wind
Imagine that his heart is happy
I am rising in the air

I think I miss you more
Remember to glimpse of the aggregates in the afternoon
I love you soldiers love warriors
Long day long waited waiting

Road marching through the rivers and lakes
Frontier mountain, money back
Every night night eye tension
Steel gun hand steady moment

There are clouds dropping down the hill
His shoulders are cold and damp
I miss you, I miss you so much
Remember the smile of your eyes

The poem written about you is the color of the hills
There is a bird call the day in the evening
Have night star patrol night
There is a rustle of charcoal on the tents

Letters about you take a break
It is not nice to beg you not to sully
Love letters written from the border
Send me love thousands of nostalgia.

Tác giả: romanticpoems


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