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Fortifying Spirit of a Hero

Updated on January 14, 2015

Fortifying Spirit of a Hero

The world was bound by rules and law

Judging tongues were rust and sharp

Mimicries of human rights

Nations were fortress of death ahead

Keeping wealth for thy own sake

Poor souls were rug on their hands

Modern slaves of this golden age

Sovereign of all mighty

Declares the king of all humanity

Come and look at your son’s witchery

The wicked form of blasphemy

The noble heroes were nowhere to find

Extinct in sorrow of grief and lonesome

They are forgotten or dig maybe on this mishap

No they aren’t gone or thrown away

Their legacy were just flowing dry

In every blood of everyone or anyone

Fortifying spirit of a hero is at hand

My hero it’s either you or me

Come rekindle this life and liberty

Breathe the freedom at last we won this victory

Not to be blown by greediness and abuse of authority

Fortifying spirit of a hero

Dwelt and rest amongst you and me.

© 2014 ran ran


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