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Fortune Comes in More Ways Than One

Updated on November 30, 2017
The way you looked when the air circled around your skin will always be my favorite breeze.
The way you looked when the air circled around your skin will always be my favorite breeze.

Time Has Nothing To Do With Hours, And Everything To Do With The Way You Spend Them

Wandering my fingertips across the expanse of your skin was all I needed to pass the time.

The clock was ticking slower than usual on us, but I've always hated waiting, and the clicking sound of a hand as it hits each new minute.

It is just a reminder that you'll be gone soon.

The only words that can come to my mind as you run your calloused hands through my hair sound something like, "How much time do we have?".

I know it can't be much longer, and the idea of love and loss happening on the short strike of the long hand on the clock is not something I could bare to have right now.

The word fortunate is not something I ever believed in until I met you.

With your arms around my waist, hands intertwined with mine, and lips caressing my collarbone, fortunate is the only word I can think of.

You used to say that I would one day find myself in trouble, but what you failed to realize is that you are a symptom not a cure.

You thought you could give me a quick dosage of admiration but all that helped with was the dizziness and feeling of downward spiraling.

The fall is far more graceful than the landing. I can only hope that you'll join me for at least one of them.


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    • Luna Blue profile image

      Luna Blue 22 months ago

      The last stanza is my favourite, very emotive and eloquently descriptive :)