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Fortune Cookie Sayings

Updated on May 1, 2013

You Hold My Heart in Your Hands

Funny Love Saying on a Magnet
Funny Love Saying on a Magnet | Source

Love and Life Fortune Cookie Sayings for Recipes or for Fun

Are you baking fortune cookies and looking for 'sayings' you can place inside them? If so, here are some creative and original quotes you can use!

Go ahead and insert them into your cookies, but of course don't republish them online 'cause that could influence your karma and hey, you'll want some of that good fortune as well..Here we go:

Love and Life Fortune Cookie Sayings

  1. Opportunity will find you today, be open to receiving and listening to new ideas
  2. Don't think everyone is out to get you, you're just having a bad day - it will pass
  3. How you perceive your life directly affects the results you are getting - adjust your perceptions if need be
  4. The love you are aching for is within you, love yourself first and the arms of warmth will surround you
  5. If you think you can, that's ok, but you must believe you can for it to really happen
  6. Belief is the invisible painting in our mind that we cannot see - seek your painting
  7. Do not tell other people what to do if you are unable to hear other people telling you what to do
  8. Smile as much as you can today and the world will smile back at you in unexpected ways
  9. In short, your biggest fortune is to remember to be yourself
  10. Be kind to others, and the world will kiss your cheeks
  11. Kindness is free, give it out to as many people as you can today
  12. Say something nice to someone you would normally not and an air of peace will be gifted to you in return
  13. Love is a feeling that hugs the soul, open your heart to feel those hugs
  14. Today the sun will shine upon you so be sure you spread that light to others
  15. Your body is simply the place that houses your soul - treat both with respect
  16. Your results are equivalent to how you think of yourself
  17. The path you have chosen is the road you are on
  18. A different life path requires that you make a turn
  19. After this lunch, you have opened this cookie, this is where you are right now
  20. If you're happy, infect others with the same feeling
  21. Spread the word of happiness, it will brighten many spaces
  22. Not one way, but the other
  23. When you love deeply you feed your soul
  24. Powering yourself eternally means loving unconditionally
  25. When it is hard to love someone, that's when we are truly tested
  26. Feel free to love and you will feel lighter
  27. Lift up your heart to the sky and allow passion to enter
  28. Your life is exactly where you planned it to be - all choices were your own
  29. Not one person can live your life for you, that's your job alone
  30. Blame no one and you will weigh less

I Always Remember US

Fridge Magnet with Loving Quote
Fridge Magnet with Loving Quote | Source

Wedding Fortune Cookie Sayings

Fortune cookies at a Wedding Shower are a creative idea, but trying to think of things to say can be challenging when there are so many other matters to take care of. So here are a few ideas for those wedding favors:

  1. Your love will last through decades of tears and smiles
  2. Marriage is like a rock, it's hard but it holds things in place and together
  3. When two become one, one becomes two
  4. One plus one equals love and commitment
  5. When you say I DO, it's for love and promise
  6. Love is the promise you can't see but know is there
  7. In times of trouble reach out to the one you love
  8. In marriage there is unity, in love there is promise
  9. Two people joined in life and heart
  10. Marriage is like a painting it's the colors that make it bright
  11. To live peacefully, let love be your guide
  12. Our love will steer this ship
  13. No matter time or distance we are one
  14. Receiver of this fortune: Do not kiss the groom
  15. Receiver of this fortune: Do not kiss the bride
  16. A wedding is the beginning of the beginning
  17. In 50 years of marriage what will matter most is love
  18. Falling in love is like falling off the bed - Thud.
  19. To treat a spouse as a friend will increase the probability of keeping your spouse-ship
  20. Wedding days are like rainbows with the happy couple holding the pot of gold

Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

Put a little humor in a little cookie!

  1. Why are you counting on this cookie to solve your problems?
  2. Don't eat this fortune cookie! give it to the person sitting next to you..hurry
  3. Cookies are just cookies...but to keep you will make a fortune
  4. You are fortunate this is just a cookie, cause if you new what the God's knew, you would pick another cookie
  5. You will make a million dollars before 5pm...Don't you love fortune cookies?
  6. What do you want in life, imagine it, then eat this cookie
  7. Fortunes are made and lost everyday - that's the nature of a cookie
  8. Don't try to solve the worlds problems, just fix your own!
  9. So what, you're fortune sucks today, but tomorrow is going to be awesome!
  10. Hang on for one more day, do that everyday and each day will get better and better

Are you a lucky person?

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