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Found Poetry: The Building of a Mansion

Updated on April 24, 2012

For your information

there is a story I once heard which told this story but if I remember right it wasn't in verse. I don't know where the story was written or if it ever was. I do know that the story originated somewhere else and I would love to hear where. Whenever I tell it I do so in verse but never the same way twice. I thought it would be nice to commit it to somewhere find-able. I probably will tell it again and change the words. It seems to be suitable to that kind of manipulation.

I knew a man

who dwelt in a shack

filthy all through

covered with dross

content with his lot

feeling quite at home

when along came his master

a man without flaw

who compared to the shack

made the man appalled

His Master didn't chide

nor comment at all

just knocked to come in

nothing more

In a moment he knew

he couldn't let his Master in

to view the soil

grime and pollution

so begged the Masters forbearance

to find a solution.

The Master just smiled

and said he'd come again

left without a backwards glance

oh what a man

our dweller of the shack

then set to work

cleaning the floors

cleansing each place

picking up the remains of his days

putting the ones

he just couldn't throw out

in a closet safe

he did this with doubt

but seemed to work better

to know such a place

to hide his unclean

to covet his disgrace

So when his Master called

he led the man in

showed him the shack

with pride let him in

Every where the Master went

he made many changes

broke down walls

set down tile

more space for rearranging

ignoring for the moment

the place that glaringly stood out

no one had mentioned the closet

that was shut

the man showed his master

all but that

yet patience is a virtue

the master had much of

made the shack a house

worthy to put a family in

Finally nothing would do

to point out the fault

asking the man what lay in the vault

the man blushed

defraying the mention

saying it wasn't ready for revision

then turned the master

without further word

except to say

he would return by and by

then left the man ashamed

his pride a shambles

for the gap in his place

that bid his master fly

Long he stared

at that awful door

where lay his flaws

skeletons and all

could he face what lay in the wall

looking about

seeing all that was now fair

observing the pleasantness

in every room


a light, not quite full

filled the place

and left the locked locker

in contrast


It called to him

accusing him of neglect.

"You want me to fill

this house

till it is once again

a comfortable wreck"

Finally he couldn't stand it

got himself out

found his dear Master

begging his reroute

till at last they came together

and addressed the whole in the wall

examining, disposing

till it was a closet quite bare

then was said, "well done,

let is go for a walk."

they left there together

walked out of sight

talking about nothing,

everything, day and night

eating at times

nothing seemed to matter

doing much good

midst all the chatter

one day the man looked him about

saying, "we have been this way before

yonder was my house

may we visit it once more?"

The master smiled, "Of course,

where is your door?"

thence they went

but found not the house

checking his bearings

the man knew he was close

when there, it wasn't there

but a place in its place

a servant came to meet him,

"come in master, apace"

The man quite dumb struck

said, "this is your master, do bow"

The servant genuflected

then said, "this is your place now"

The master smiled and laughed,

"Your servant speaks true,

this is where your hovel was

the castle belongs to you.

Now serve in this place

as we did while walking.

Be the master here I was.

i have much walking."

Then his friend left

not making a sound.

The new master smiled

knowing how it was done.

Then turned to his servant,

"Lets see what need be done."


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    • profile image

      Uccello 3 years ago

      Here in the Poconos high winds are an ongoing preoblm although we get a lot of different weather. Since we live in a rural area we oftem lose power and flashlights of any stripe are always helpful especially for me as with my emphysema candles are not very goot to use because of the smoke.

    • profile image

      Susannah 3 years ago

      So true. Honesty and everything reozingced.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      thank you Teylina. I appreciate the visit. Thanks for the read.

    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 5 years ago

      Quite a story. No wonder you wanted to find a place to "keep it." I couldn't wait to see how it ended. Up and awesome.