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Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, a book report

Updated on August 24, 2012
Founding Brothers
Founding Brothers

Founding Brothers Summary

Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is a wonderful historical account by Joseph J. Ellis that deals with the life and mission of the primary players of post-revolutionary America. The central theme of the text Founding brothers by Joseph J. Ellis is the frailty of the early years of the republic. The found however did not discuss the theme slavery to the required extent. The text is all about the human dynamics and vivid personalities that influenced and shaped the early republic. The book is quite lively and illuminating that provides the reader with a reader with an intuitive knowledge of the formative era in American life. Founding brothers is well written, and is quite humane and radiant. The book is indeed an influencing study on the lives and missions of the fathers of American Republic - Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. In Founding brothers, Joseph J. Ellis explains the confused interactions between these men. These great men were sometimes collaborative accepting each others views and concepts. They also had differing views on certain other issues. The text looks into the various types of fellowships and opinion sharing between these men. The text also revealed the private life of these great public personas and the various antagonistic interactions that occurred between these great personalities. The public and private life of all these personalities is explained in detail in the book. Founding brothers include Adams, the ever-combative iconoclast who had his wife Abigail as his closest political collaborator. The book also gives us a clear picture about Hamilton who had a simple and unnoticeable origin. The brave actions and the strong economic savvy later concealed his low origins. The book illustratesJefferson as a skilled orator, a man of extraordinary eloquence (though being a reserved and reticent type).Madison is said as shy yet effective and talented debaters of his period.Washington the most indispensable figure of American politics is also wonderfully portrayed in the text.

Founding Brothers Analysis

The book includes in depth coverage about the various incidents happened in the mission of the founding Revolutionaries. The incidents after the war and the establishment of the new government are beautifully covered in this account of Joseph J. Ellis. All the great personalities who are mentioned here were well aware that they were part of a great period in the history of America and their memories and experiences are very much valuable for the nation. The author himself says in the first section of the book that these great men knew that they would be remembered.

Founding Brothers, detailed study

Founding brothers explains how the issue of slavery became a great menace to the founding of the new nation. These great men were very much aware about the importance of the cause and knew that attempting to solve the issue in the beginning of the establishment of the republic would perplex the whole situation and split the country apart. Apart from this, Founding Brothers look into various other political issues that happened during that time (for example the Hamilton's financial plan for the new economy and the issues concerning the permanent national seat. The text includes various historically important descriptions and the struggles faced by the nation through the 1780's, 1790's and along the beginning of the nineteenth century. Various internal and international issues are thoroughly explained with credible evidences. Founding Brothers is considered as the best book about the 1970s the most crucial and decisive period in the history of America. This book is of course the great story of the combined job performed by the founder geniuses in defining the republic and establishing its due course for the coming centuries. The author focused on the crucial most six events that completely represent the chief issues faced by the then vulnerable nation.

Founding Brothers Review

This great work of Ellis can also be called as a lively and engaging narrative that explain the most decisive and discrete moments of American history. Burr and Hamilton's deadly duel, the following happenings, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison's secret dinner (when the seat of the permanent capital was decided in return for passage of Hamilton's financial plan), Franklin's petition to put an end to the worst practice of slavery (his last public act), Madison's attempts to quash it, Washington's precedent-setting Farewell Address (where he publicly announced his retirement from public office and offering his country some final advice) Adams's tough period as Washington's successor, his alleged scheme to pass the presidency on to his son, and lastly Adams and Jefferson's renewed correspondence at the end of their lives, where they compared their different views of the Revolution and its legacy. The author of Founding brothers says that the checks and balances that existed during the initial days of the republic were never legal, constitutional, or institutional. According to Ellis, intensely personal causes controlled the entire republic and the leaders had strange visions and values. Founding brothers enriches our understanding about early American Republic and American politics and gives us a new viewpoint concerning the unpredictable forces that shape history.

Founding Brothers detailed book review

I did enjoy reading Founding brothers as it is well written and thoroughly focused. It is written in an easy style which is smooth and comfortable to go through. The book reveals the icons of early American government as both flawed and flawless. I would say this work is original, credible and unbiased as any history book should be. Author has employed a wonderful technique by deciding to focus on six episodes rather than explaining the whole history. All the six episodes are neatly expressed with all the participants and the surrounding events properly set in to the context. Each and every episode goes like a story filled with interesting facts. The facts presented are exciting, writing style is so logical and concise. The book provides a scholarly and insightful historical analysis of a period that is of great importance to each and every American. Through this simple and interesting work I could learn more about the strange duel between Hamilton and Burr, the wonderful partnership between partnership between Madison and Jefferson, the slavery issue of the 1790s, the celebrated relationship between John Adams, George Washington's farewell and various other historical facts. Through this easy-to-read simple account, Ellis is making us understand how the world was like in the 1790s. He insists the political significance of these periods, when there was no historical precedence for a republican form of government. This is not only a reference text for history students but also a good reading for any ordinary person who desires to know the formation of the first government. I do recommend this book for anybody who is keen to know about the ratification of the Constitution and the nature of the early government in United States.

Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is the best historical account about the post-revolutionary America. I found it informative and interesting more than any other works on American I am sure this book will create a desire among readers to learn more about the men who founded our great nation. . I felt very much comfortable with the author’s judgments and analysis. I give 100 marks to this works because of its excellent writing style, impartiality, unbiased nature, historical accuracy, and brevity. The author, with his eloquent narrative gift has presented the information in the very best way. His analysis is lively, entertaining and quite informative. Finally this is an extraordinarily well written work that makes the reader interested in the history of the nation.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is very good, it helped me to reflect and foucs my thoughts of the book.

    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      thank you My Esoteric..the book has great historical significance

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 

      6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Thanks for the hub, dhannyya, the book sounds very interesting.


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