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The 4-Hour Work Week Review

Updated on October 13, 2012

What is The 4 Hour Work Week?

In a nutshell, The 4 Hour Work Week is a non-fiction book written by Timothy Ferriss which is centered on the principle of achieving more with little time.

The Four Hour Work Week strikes a chord with me. Like many people, I am not particularly fond of my job. From the outside it doesn't look like a bad place to work. I mainly deal with happy tourists and I work with some really lovely people. However, it really is not my passion and I am bored to tears on a daily basis. When you are not living your life with passion, life can get very mundane.

So when I was given a copy of Timothy Ferriss's The Four Hour Work Week I admit I got a little excited. Now don't get me wrong, I am one of the most skeptical people around, but I remember reading an article on Timothy Ferris and was intrigued to see what he had to say in his book.

What I Don't Like About Timothy Ferriss

My initial thoughts on the 4-Hour Work Week were not flattering and rather critical.

1. I don't like this guy.
2. He seems obnoxious and a tad (that's an understatement) money hungry.
3. He has questionable morals; he won a world fighting champion in four weeks by exploiting a loop hole in the rules and his idea on reading several respected books on one topic and paraphrasing to create a new book, didn't sit well with me.

Having said that, by the end of the book this guy did grow on me. As much as I found some of his tactics as bordering on unethical, I was intrigued by them. For example, he discusses how easy it is for someone to become a top expert on any topic in 4 weeks. He recommends joining a few specialized related trade organizations with 'official' sounding names, reading the three top selling books on the topic and summarizing this on one page. With this information Timothy advises to then give a free seminar on the topic at a well known university. With this university seminar experience in hand, Timothy recommends to go to big name companies and offer to give free presentations to them. With these seminar credentials backing your credibility, you could go on to write in trade magazines and voila you're an industry expert.

You can currently get a free copy of the 4-hour work week on audible.
You can currently get a free copy of the 4-hour work week on audible. | Source

Not Just Another 'Hype' Book

I strongly feel that Timothy should have renamed this book to the 4-Hour Work Week Manual because it is so easy for this book to be lost amongst the other hundreds or so books that rave on about how great it is to quit your job without offering any substantial resources to help you do this.

Timothy backs up every chapter with practical no nonsense tips The core of the 4-Hour Work Week is how to make money with as little effort as possible, otherwise known as passive income. This is mainly illustrated using the internet as the vehicle to achieve this. Now don't stop reading, this isn't one of those get rich quick scheme that just chews away at your money. For example, Timothy Ferris details how you can ran an online store, either using your own products or an affiliates and basically outsource the entire operation whilst still bringing you the pay checks. He backs up his claims with real case studies and shows you the resources that he uses and gets into the nitty gritty, such as how to hire a virtual assistant.

Questions and Answers by Timothy Ferriss

How to Live the Tim Ferriss Lifestyle


If you are looking to lead the automated business lifestyle, I would give the The Four Hour Work Week a read. Despite Timothy being the kind of guy you either love or hate, or love to hate, if you actually look past the sometimes arrogant overtones of the book, you will pick up some pretty great snippets of information that will help you build your four hour work week.

What did you think of the Four Hour Work Week?

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