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Four Poems

Updated on August 11, 2016

1. Above and Beyond

Will we stay or leave?

Beyond the clouds lie countless stars.

Will we reach for them?

2. Here and Now

Have you ever noticed that it’s always now?

The past is only a memory and the future is a dream.

Come to your senses.

There is only the eternal now.

Things exist now, and they move now, and that is all.

3. The Root of all Evil

Greed and corruption

Division and competition

Nothing but mindless consumption

The light of progress shines bright

Exposing all of its weaknesses

But humanity, they are fools

Healing its wounds

And saving its life

Corruption is preserved

Progress ceases

And the light is dimmed

4. The Maze of Life

The world has fallen into madness

And Master Skull is in control.

Life is like a maze

It all depends on which direction you take.

© 2013 Kevin Porter


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