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Poems for a Brighter Day

Updated on September 6, 2020
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She is a children's author who enjoys art and loves to share notable artwork with you!

Most Hearts Are Screaming for Love

Here is true love and romantic art, poetry aphorisms to brighten your day. Knowing you're cared for and loved can ...your heart from breaking into pieces. A red rose says it best.

If you could stop your heart from breaking, you could live in awe. Only God Almighty can heal a broken heart.

.Hearts are tender and fragile and must be handled with extra special care.

Most hearts are screaming for love. You can make a grand difference in your life by simply showing you care. An innocent smile and help in times of need is all it takes. Other times, a warm hug or a sincere talk over tea does the trick. It's important to feel cared for and to love your family and friends.

Even a total stranger can benefit from your cheerfulness and caring nature. When you hold the door in kindness or support a needy cause many people benefit. After all, we are all basically human and we all feel the same things intuitively.

You laugh; you smile, and you cry at times or feel angry or happy. These are basic human emotions. You must nourish yourself or else you will feel left out . Why not make it a point to make your life the best it can possibly be, by loving and showing you care.

Love Quotes

"The only way to speak the truth is to speak lovingly," Henry David Thoreau

"There is a politeness of the heart. It is akin to love," Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom," Charles Dickens

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with;" Mark Twain

True Love Poems

Here are lovely poems to strengthen your heart and brighten your day today:

Look into My Heart,

Before I Cared,

I Can,

Following You.

Romantic Love Poetry

My heart sparkles with your love!
My heart sparkles with your love! | Source

Look into My Heart

Look into my heart, my love, and find nothing hidden, no secrets. Everything is truly shared; we are inseparable. Love me for who I am, make my life a part of you!

No one can take me away from you. I give myself wholeheartedly to you. I sacrifice my life for you. Don't let another tell me our love is not aspiring to greater heights. We are not falling apart.

Your love is what I need; there is no else to comfort me.

All I want is more of you, your true love every day. You know my love is true, when everything I do, I do for you.

Look into my heart, my love, to see I reflect your love in my heart.

My Heart Can Truly Feel You Care!

You care for me as much as I care for you; this is why I love you more every day!
You care for me as much as I care for you; this is why I love you more every day! | Source

Before I Cared

You carried me when I was weak.

You gave me hope, when all else failed.

Your inner power living in my heart consoled me through every tear, before I cared.

Thanks for caring before I cared,

I love you for being a part of my heart of hearts.

Thank you for consoling my tears,

Your hope is living in me.

Your strength consoles my heart every day.

My heart is alive because of you,

because you cared for me

before I learned how to love or

care for you.

Discover the Inner Strength of Your Family! It's the Only One You're Going to Get!

I love taking a vacation in New York City with my family.
I love taking a vacation in New York City with my family. | Source

Following You!

You are my everything love,

Oh, how I love you;

I will do what you ask,

And, be joyful in following you.

I can't live without you.

Your love explodes within,

Your smile ignites a fire within me,

Forever is my love for you.

I love to follow your power every day!

You Taught Me Well, Mom! Thanks a Million!

Mom you give me life; this is why I'll always adore you and love you!
Mom you give me life; this is why I'll always adore you and love you! | Source

I Can

I stand knowing I am genuinely weak,

I can do all things with you.

I rise, believing I can truly fly, a way of daunting love,

Knowing with you; I can never give enough.

There is no other love to comfort me.

No other love can strengthen me like you.

I can do all things with you.

You set me free with your ardent love.

I can do, simply, because I can, with your love today!

Romantic Love Poetry Poll

Do You Love to Express Your Feelings By Giving Your Love or Friend a Heartfelt Card?

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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