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Four Reasons You're NOT Writing

Updated on July 14, 2014

“Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to.” -Lao Tzu

Time. Do any of us ever have enough time? If time is a created thing then yes we do. The issue is no longer time but our priorities and time management.One of the biggest obstacles for writers is finding the time to work. Few of us can devote the number of hours we’d like to our writing and creativity. If we examine our goals and motivations we will be able to establish a time frame for our work. Every skill takes discipline from public speaking to cooking.The most important things in life require time and effort. Writing is no different. Unless you are independently wealthy with a mansion of servants we all have jobs or additional responsibilities that require our daily attention. Writing is like a marriage which requires your love, nurturing and dedication.Try to set a consistent schedule. Don't accept interruptions. Let others know you have set aside time to work. Most importantly, make writing a priority. The dust bunnies and laundry have piled up for a while and it looks like they aren't going any where. Stay in the present moment and give your writing total focus.. Sensible people make a living doing what they love and get paid for it. This is your life.

“It's time to start living the life you've imagined.” -Henry James

Inspiration. Even the best writers, professional authors and adventurous journalists can temporarily lose their muse. Inspiration can come to us unexpectedly in a eureka moment, a song, a scent or a poem. Good writers can overcome a brief inspiration lapse because they believe in what they’re doing. They understand this is more than a profession or hobby but a true vocation. Most writers have been writing since they were old enough to say "Mommy? What is that? Who is that? Why is that there?". Writers like to read. Writers admire the way other writers form words and sentences. They listen to the lyricism of a verse like musicians absorb the notes of a beautiful symphony. Writers love books, bookstores, libraries, peace, quiet and solitude.

“Critique my better work only, because I want to get better from my best, not better from my worst.” -Jarod Kintz

Criticism. No two people see and feel the world exactly alike, and no two people will ever articulate it in quite the same way. That's what makes life beautiful. Even the oldest stories are told and retold. What do you see? Don't be afraid to use your own "voice". In truth there is no other perspective you can use. Do YOU enjoy reading what you've written? Don't expect other people to be thrilled with your work if you don't enjoy your own sentences and unique ideas.

There are timeless messages to be learned in retelling stories, each storyteller weaves a million intricate, individual moments. The ability to handle criticism and perseverance, are probably what determines most aspiring writers from most working writers. The inability to let others evaluate your work out of insecurity or fear is going to prevent you from your goals. Do you want to get paid for your writing? Then you will have to let others read and critique your work. If you write freelance articles or content expect to edit and revise until it meets the criteria of the company paying you. Don't take every criticism personally. More than likely you are writing for an organization that wants to make a profit or sell an idea. It's not about you and your artistic ego. Rules, guidlines and regulations can be intimidating; intimidation leads to insecurity. You may not know precisely when to use a comma, semi-colon or parentheses, but that decision will never equal the importance of a great creative idea. We may brainstorm first and worry about details later. If we are too concerned about every detail we may never produce anything. A book begins with one paragraph. The hardest part is just to start.

Keep in mind, outside of freelancing not all judging critics are or have ever been artists and you must choose carefully the advice you're going to follow. Ultimately, you will feel in your heart, mind and soul what is best for you and follow that path.

“Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.” -Amit Ray

Exercise. As you are reading this article you have probably been at your computer for several hours either reading or revising your work. Your shoulders are tense and your posture is atrocious What's worse, you have a giant cup of coffee and a bag of Cheetos's on your desk. Your orange cheesy stained fingers leave a permanent reminder on the pages of your drafting notebook.The ideas are not flowing and soon you'll be wasting more time scanning naughty or meaningless websites. It's really time for you to get up. Writing, like researching, is a solitary, sedentary activity. According to Newsweek magazine,

"Almost every dimension of cognition improves from 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, and creativity is no exception. The type of exercise doesn't matter, and the boost lasts for at least two hours afterward."

Even if you aren't perfectly physically fit, getting up to do yoga stretches, taking a fifteen minute walk or finally chasing those pesky dust bunnies, your brain will benefit from the short term break. Your mind is what needs the fresh air most. Just walking away from a project can change perspective and lead to that ever elusive eureka moment all writers yearn for every day.

John Hodgman's Brilliant Advice to Writers


What is Your Biggest Obstacle to Writing?

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  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    So happy to see you, Colin. A thousand thank yous ! I have been working and writing on other projects and neglecting my HUBS. I have missed your inspiring words and hope you, Tiffy and Gabriel are safe and warm this evening. Thank you once again for your continued support, my friend. Hugs to you.

  • epigramman profile image


    5 years ago

    Hello and good evening my lovely Lisa - I came back to re-read this very interesting hub article again because I have gone through a low period lately of 'other distractions' in my life. Luckily I have a light switch in my head so I can turn on or off my creativity at will but 'other distractions' in life always have a way of getting to us in one way or another. Mine are mostly financial and being away from work for two weeks without a car and waiting for a loan from the bank and living way out here and a hour's drive from work. lol, that's an epi-story in itself, isn't it.

    I sincerely hope all is well with you lately and that you are healthy and happy. I am sending to you 3 big hugs from Colin, Tiffy and Gabriel at lake erie time 9:54pm canada and I will post and link your hubpage here to my FB wall.

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Thank you so much, abbaelijah.

  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 

    5 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria

    Nice and well written poetry, it is beautiful !

    Thumb up !

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Please feel better soon. I was just enjoying your brilliant poetry, Colin. Sending you an endless supply of warm and positive thoughts.

  • epigramman profile image


    5 years ago

    Hello Lisa and good afternoon from Colin and his cats Tiffy and Mister Gabriel on a sunny warm sunday afternoon from lake erie time 2;45pm canada and my dad used to have an old saying - the more you write the better you get - like any form of mental or physical exercise (he wrote 59 unpublished novels and 1 memoirs of world war II)

    As always I love your passion and writer's eye to detail - you are a consummate world class journalist.

    The reason you haven't seen me much is I have been dealing with mental and physical health issues myself but I hope sincerely all is well with you my friend. And here I am sending you warm wishes and good energy

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Thank you for reading and commenting Arun. We all find ways to procrastinate but eventually we will get it done. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    CrisSp- Thank you for reading and commenting. Believe me I know how difficult it is to freelance, write Hubs, a blog and find time to be creative especially when you have a full time job. Wish you the best always. I loved the John Hodgman video as well. Peace.

  • ARUN KANTI profile image


    5 years ago from KOLKATA

    We need such prodding at times into action.Excellent hub and thanks for sharing.

  • CrisSp profile image


    5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

    Excellent! Time, poor time. We always use this as an excuse. So, if I may admit, I am simply a procrastinator...well, my writing comes out depending on the mood really. :) Mostly on draft (a lot, in fact) and then I'd have another idea and another draft is made. Then, I don't have the time anymore to complete it. Bad habit, eh? And, I blame time. Is it or my poor management of time? You see, my statement shows I'm using time as an excuse again. Oh, well...

    Seriously now, great valid points in writing or in any creative endeavor. So, thank you for the wake up call. Very interesting hub. Up and sharing.

    P.S. Perfect video clip from John Hodgman.

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Thank you for reading Anna. Your comment is greatly understood. As I rush off to work, spend time on a hundred other projects and try to have a social life, time management is a major factor.

  • Anna Haven profile image

    Anna Haven 

    5 years ago from Scotland

    Hi, your hub was very close to truth. It is so hard to juggle time to fit everything in, but can be done. I need to time manage better I think.

    Your ideas for regaining your inspiration while working are also really helpful, using exercise to revitalise the creative mind. Helpful and well written hub.

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Aloha Joe,

    You were the inspiration for that feature of the HUB! Walking in DC was amazing. The sights and smells washed over me in a renewing cascade of color and sound.. I can't wait to see and read the photo essay!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile image

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Lisa!

    This is cleanly written--well organized, to the point, and with just the right amount and quality of complementary writers' quotes. Above all, it inspires. I especially like your final point about exercise and its cognitive benefits. So true!

    Thank you for sharing. I am writing a hub, more of a photo-essay, about my recent stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, and I thought about you and how much you would have enjoyed walking all around this beautiful resort campus. The writing muse was certainly alive and well in Waikoloa!

    Aloha, my friend!

  • LKMore01 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Thanks Bill,

    Time has always been the big factor for me. Yesterdaymy family and friends took a drive into DC for the cherry blossoms. A much needed break away from the computer helped a lot.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Excellent points made. Time is always a factor but there is time to write if you want there to be. I needed this hub today. Thank you!


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