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Four Watches

Updated on June 7, 2017
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


I am an old traditional kind of guy. I still like wearing watches, not only because of the function of telling time but for the esthetics. I have owned numerous watches over my lifetime. Here are the 4 watches that I own.

- June 2017

My Watches

  • Tudor Prince Date Rotor self winding (1999)
  • Seiko Solar (2017)
  • Omega Manual winding (1980?)
  • Swatch Sports quartz (2005)





Background Details...

The Tudor watch was a gift from my company after 25 years of service. I worked at IBM most of my career and they have a thing called the "quarter century club." After 25 years of service, all employees were given a luncheon and a special gift of their choosing. In my case, I picked this watch from a catalog which included steak knifes and a grandfather clock and a few other luxury items. The back of the watch has the inscription of my name and the date along with the IBM QCC logo. I have been wearing this since 1999 almost daily.

The Seiko solar is a recent acquisition. I have been interested in solar energy for sometimes. They have improved dramatically in recent years and the efficiency and reliability is also impressive. I also wanted an alternative watch to wear for different occasions.

The Omega has sentimental value due to the fact it was owned by my father until his passing in 2001. It is one of the few physical items of his that I own. I don't wear it because it is a manual winding watch and requires some effort.

The Swatch was a gift from quite a few years ago. It is sporty and actually made of plastic. I found it in a drawer and replaced the battery and found that it still works perfectly. I still don't know how to use the chronograph feature but it looks cool.


  • function
  • price
  • accuracy
  • style
  • comfort
  • power source
  • quality
  • water resistent
  • crystal
  • ease of use

Taking all the features into account, let's compare each.

The Tudor is probably the most expensive since it is a Rolex and cost at the time about $2000. It's best feature by far is the sapphire crystal which I am told is the 2nd hardest crystal behind diamond. It is a self winding watch which means you have to wear it everyday. The arm motion allows the mechanical movements to be wound. The disadvantage is that it requires a winder if not worn. This will keep the watch running properly and accurately. Once a watch is stopped, it begins to age and will slowly cause the mechanism to be less accurate. The accuracy is good but not as good as a quartz. I would adjust it probably once every 2 months where it could be off by 1-3 minutes. It is water resistant so I wear it all the time in pools and showers. The style is simple and timeless and a joy to look at. The wristband is made of stainless steel and 18K gold links. That is probably the most costly part of this watch.

The Seiko is a new acquisition and it retail for $220. It is a solar driven watch and does not require any battery. It is rated to last 8 months on a full charge though even room light will drive it. It is smart looking and the white dial is very easy to read. It also has day and date which are good features to have on any watch. The watch comes with a 3 year warranty. The watch band is an improvement over previous models where there is a clip that keeps it locked in the close position. I am looking forward to putting this watch through its paces in the coming months.

The Omega is a mechanical winding watch. It needs to be wound daily to keep it running true. I love this watch for its simplicity of design. It is less accurate than quartz similar to the Tudor. The crystal does show some wear from the many years that my father wore it. It is a long lasting piece of work by the Swiss. They are world famous for their watch making skills. I don't know how much it cost today but a quick search on eBay shows a similar model (used) sell for $1200.

The Swatch is a surprise for me. It is probably the cheapest watch at $60 when it was new. It was sitting in my drawer for the longest time. I thought it was broken. When I replaced the battery, it works fine. It probably runs 5 years on one fresh battery. The outer shell is completely made of plastic. It is also the lightest of the 4 watches though it is the bulkiest also. It has a sporty look and I would wear it when I go do something adventurous. Being a quartz watch, it is the most accurate by far. The band is the weakest part. It is elastic and tends to pinch my skin.


It is said by some that one of the first thing people look at is the type of watch a person wear. When you meet a new acquaintance or even walk into a restaurant or store, the clerk will judge you by the way you are dressed and the watch you wear. I don't know if this is true but it does make you think. In my own case, I have experienced this first hand. I would get compliments on the watch I wear from strangers. As someone who is more pragmatic and old fashion, I don't get it. How can a piece of jewelry be the judge of a person's worth? Life is strange.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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