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Fourteen Ways

Updated on July 22, 2013

Fourteen ways of which to mourn,

Weary souls in sadness sworn.

Fourteen ways of victory slaved,

Vicious triumph to be paved.

Fourteen ways that courage reigns,

Brave breath throughout the pains.

Fourteen ways in which to speak,

Different masks, some quite bleak.

Fourteen ways affections shown,

Gentle care, not a weapon honed.

Fourteen ways for a grateful promise,

Well spoken words to free a conscious.

Fourteen ways people learn,

Repeated until to your thoughts it’s burnt.

Fourteen ways trust is earned,

Graceful giving without being spurned.

Fourteen ways a child is spoiled,

Boundless arrogance scarcely foiled.

Fourteen ways cities fall,

Wars started with a brawl so small

Fourteen ways regret is spoken,

Long after many things are broken.

Fourteen ways eyes are opened,

Hard truth, vision broadened.

Fourteen ways people fail,

Too late to save those who are frail.

Fourteen ways we make to live,

Smiles shining we should give.

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