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Fourth Journal Entry of Dagda's Bowl

Updated on July 8, 2013
Celeste the Goddess of Magic
Celeste the Goddess of Magic | Source


Finally, some progress has occurred! I think I surprised Celeste. Considering her recent verdicts, I decided that it would be better to speak to her while in the company of other Gods. I waited for her in the Great Hall of the Gods and quickly found her. She sat with Morrigan and Morana though they seemed to be arguing. Both Morrigan and Morana departed when they saw my approach. Celeste watched, her green eyes wary and her back straight as the Oak. Her hands clenched briefly on the ivory bench before settling themselves in her lap.

Magical creatures live within Nature's forests, lakes and rivers.
Magical creatures live within Nature's forests, lakes and rivers.

Dagda's Apology

“Good Day to you, Goddess of Nature”

“And also to you, God of Magic.” She responded automatically, but her stormy green eyes revealed her surprise at my polite greeting. I believe she feared that I would accost her about her injunction against my creatures. I, however, had my eye on the larger issues between us.

“Lady of Nature, I wish to make amends to you for the destruction caused by my sphere. It has never been my intention to disturb nor destroy your Creation. Indeed, my sphere has benefited greatly for your actions and creations. I fear the animosity that the results of Magic have created between us. As a means to start making amends, I would give you these new Magic’s, which all work with Nature to promote both growth and healing, to add to your own sphere. I hope they can be of assistance to your followers in their continued work in defending the Nature of the mortal world.”

Each flower holds a different spell to heal and help Nature
Each flower holds a different spell to heal and help Nature | Source

Dagda's Gift

I allowed Magic to choose its own form for this gift. In my hands, I found a bouquet of flowers. Each holding a different spell or magical ability. With this speech, I handed her the bouquet which she carefully accepted. I watched as she listened to each flower and divined their meaning and intent. Her face brightened into a smile as, with her acceptance, my gift flowed into her.

“Lord of Magic, I accept your token of amendment in the spirit in which it was intended. Indeed these spells will help defend Nature and heal has been destroyed.” Her eyes brightened with hope and a smile blossomed on her face as she continued. “ I had no idea that your sphere could create such works as these. Pardon me, but I must go and disperse this gift.”

I smiled and bowed as she gracefully arose and departed the Great Hall. Morana and Morrigan stared at me hatefully from their darkened corner but I paid them no mind. I have no doubt that Celeste remains angered and distrustful of my sphere but I have made the first dent in her resistance. With luck, my creation will quiet the last of her fears.

My creation will quiet the last of Celeste's fears about Magic.
My creation will quiet the last of Celeste's fears about Magic.


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    • Vborrows profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Hamilton Ontario

      Thank you.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This is an interesting story. I will be watching for more of it.


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