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Decaying over Time...

Updated on April 4, 2013

Passing Seconds

This life i have,
by every passing second,
is increasingly growing shorter,
thus allowing me to become,
weaker and more frail,
wishing for the strength,
I possesed moments ago...

Quiet But Tragic

The Fall of a Man,
is Ever So Silent,
as the whisper of a Mockingbird,
But the fall of a woman,
is Such quiet but Tragic,
In essence of A petal falling to the Ground,
From a Once Gorgeous Rose,
Now Distraught and Slowly Decaying...

Tiring Reflections

So I Awoke This Morning, Oblivious To The obstructive Loud Noise Outside, Seeping through the window I left Cracked, Attempting to Crush The sound, I buried my Face within my Pillow, I Started to Envison, Tremendous amounts of Fears, Where I Would slowly Succumb to my Demise, But no one would Hear, Due to The fact that No one was There, Because Frankly Nobody Cared....


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    • Notez profile image

      Kash Notez 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you I really appreciate your feedback and im glad you enjoy my poems.