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Frank Miller The Art Of Sin City

Updated on March 13, 2011

Art Book Review - The Art Of Sin City

The art of sin city by Frank Miller is a companion book that pays tribute to the artist and groundbreaking writer Frank Miller who is well know for creating The Sin City comic book series and collected graphic novels of those comic books.

This book review is a walk through the book and what the book has to offer. First of all, this book isn't a comprehensive look at Millers work as it acts more like a gallery of some of his work and some of the drafting processes he goes through to create his comic book pages and what is definitely missing from the book is in depth written explanations describing any insights in to his artwork.

A 4 page introduction introduces us to Millers work and world of Sin City and from there we are given a range of different pages showing completed artwork and pencilled pages with up close sketches of the many Sin City characters. The book eplores some of the pages and reprints them here in the book, but as previously mentioned there is no insight into the pages presented which does frustrate a little. Although I guess if you are a fan of the books themselves this would be just seen as a compliment to the Sin City books.

The visual style and appeal is even apparent in this gallery book as it attempts to show small montages of Frank Millers comic book pages with the added pencil or marker sketches scattered throughout. The contrasting black and white artwork of the Sin City series is so effective and that's the wider appeal and Millers inventiveness when trying to capture your attention in each comic art panel on the page.

Back to the book, it doesn't offer much, just art that you may already have if you have all the Sin City books, it just collects different art from them and presents it as a reel of pages and once you finish reading wat litle words it has, you are left wondering what was the point? Sure it has Frank Millers artwork in it, but nothing new really, a few sketches that inspire, his finished artwork always inspires, but what else could they have put into the book to make it better?

Well more descriptions and insights for one. More pencil sketches and draft drawings. We at least want to know the creative process and a day in the life of Frank Miller. What inspires him. How he creates his art. This is what was missing for me and so that's why I would try and seek this book out for a bargain price, because it's no way worth paying over $30 for.

The Art Of Sin City - Frank Miller Books

Frank Miller: Art Of Sin City

Art of Sin City Frank Miller.
Art of Sin City Frank Miller. | Source

The Art Of Sin City - Frank Miller

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