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Freak Nation

Updated on December 17, 2012

Freak Nation

Here we wait
Trying to find our brothers and our sisters
Making one or two friends here and there
But making a million enemies for every friend
So were hunted
For what we are
No matter how good we are
Or how human we look
Still they hunt us down
Still they beat us in the street
And string us up
We are all human
In some way
And not in others
And yet you hunt us
You claim we have no soul no right to be here
After all our running you still find us
You find us you kill us
And were left with nowhere to go
So in the end we stand and fight
We won’t leave
Were sick of running
When there’s nowhere for us to go
We will stay
We will fight
And show you what we freaks really are
As we raise our flag we shout
Welcome to freak nation
Welcome to our future
Welcome to where the unwanted go
Where we stay
Siege our walls
And burn our friends
You will only fuel our fight for freedom
Now come and fight with us
Make a stand
Raise the flag
And shout
Welcome to freak nation


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