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Free Baseball by Sue Corbett - Book Review

Updated on April 22, 2012

About Free Baseball

Felix Piloto is a boy with dreams. He plays baseball and maybe someday he will even
get into the major leagues but, for now, he's just a batboy. A batboy
with spectacular baseball skills...

The Book Cover of Free Baseball


Summary of Free Baseball

The book 'Free Baseball' tells about Felix, a kid who wins a special
contest to go see the 'Egrets'. The Egrets are a baseball team coming for a game in
Felix's town. Sadly Felix's mother can't make it so Felix is forced to
go with the babysitter. Obviously, Felix hates this idea, and wants to get closer to the players. He then goes searching for their tour bus. After stowing away on the travel bus of the
Away team Felix soon gets himself into more than he should be, and he starts to think he's made a definite mistake.
Follow Felix as his adventure unfolds before your eyes.

What I Liked About Free Baseball

I liked how the book uses actual baseball terms and some Spanish terms
and, it doesn't hurt that there's a glossary of baseball terms and
Spanish words in the back of the book. I also thought that the story was touching and it was a tremendous read.

Other related books

Some Other Related Books on the topic of baseball are 'Opening Day' by
Jonathan Eig, which retells the story of Jackie Robinson by Matthew
Silverman. Or 'The Baseball Economist' by J.C. Bradbury. Or you could
even try 'Mets Essential' by Matthew Silverman.


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