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Free Book Excerpt - Chapter 17 from The Slayarians - Book Two - We, The Children of Gaea

Updated on June 12, 2012
BookRix is having a special. Publish an Ebook worldwide for Four Dollars until 6/28!
BookRix is having a special. Publish an Ebook worldwide for Four Dollars until 6/28!


This is another excerpt from the book in the title above. I recently released this novel as an ebook for 4.99 a download. I released the first edition, Book One - Beyond the Memory of Man, for free.

In this excerpt I have included the first half of chapter seventeen only. The book is over 118,000 words and the chapters are long but many of them are split into sections covering different threads of the story.

Bor'Slovahn was created by the Unifer in his Soul Vaults to hunt and kill the Slayarians. However before the demon was able to find any of its targets the Unifier changed his plans. Here you find Bor'slovahn angrily following the Demonslayers while in turn being discovered by Sevele. Bor is a tall ogrish demon with a white bear's head and massive bear paws. He has bone spikes jutting from his body along his spine and where there are joints, like his knees, elbows and shoulders.

I don't want to give away too many details because I want you to read my book, but Sevele here in Book Two is no longer the girl she once was. Outcast but still in love with the stories main character she takes it upon herself to try to find a way to kill the demon on her own. Here is a major part of that thread.

First half of Chapter Seventeen



It’s said that if an average mortal were to use the mindflow against a demon that mortal would likely be driven mad. The constant shifting of the creature’s thoughts and the base nature of those thoughts would be too confusing for a mortal mind to sort through. In the case of Bor’slovahn, Calic-Matar’s most recent abomination, that was not exactly true. Bor was not a true denizen of the Abyss and possessed some human and animal characteristics. Those very traits allowed the Matar to command the savage creature more reliably than native demons. Also, its cunning and awareness allowed it to more completely focus on its given quest.

Thus when Calic-Matar sent it the message that it was to slow its course and not slay the Demonslayers it became understandably enraged. For frustratingly too long it had searched for sign of the true Slayarians. Time and again he had been led down the wrong path only to find he had been misinformed or outright misled by those rare occultists who claimed to have seen one. Each time it had only been an attempt by those wretches to eliminate their hated rival. Bor’slovahn’s only solace had been the look upon the offender’s face when he returned to them and feasted on their still beating hearts. The cult members were not followers of the one master, Calic-Matar, so Bor’slovahn felt no regrets when he slew them.

This time though he was on the proper path. He had discovered an entire cadre of Demonslayers traveling toward a suspected haven for their kind. Knowing his power was not that of his master he chose to wait for the appropriate time to strike. Preferably one by one he could then enjoy their slow and painful deaths.

Driven by his bloodlust Bor charged a group of deer and ravaged their feeble bodies free of their succulent organs. Sated he spoke the key word that would gain his dread master’s attention and informed him of his success, that he had found the Demonslayers. Calic-Matar had been pleased but immediately warned Bor’slovahn that some things had changed and he must forestall his attacks until further notice. Incapable of disobeying orders due to the Matar’s magic, the bear headed demon could only watch as one opportunity after another passed him by. With a spiteful sneer Bor wondered what his punishment would have been for failure. Now he was supposed to simply sit and wait, innately sensing that this was not what it had been created for and his creator had certainly not granted him much in the way of patience.

Seething inwardly yet intent on remaining quiet and unnoticed Bor’slovahn didn’t recognize that he was not alone.

* * *

Covered on every surface of her skin and apparel by tree sap Sevele no longer had any discernible scent of her own. With the demon apparently distracted by some inner conflict she moved closer and closer to him, barely drawing a breath for fear of making a sound. She had first witnessed Bor’slovahn after Darkon had rejected her. The demon had been stalking the party from a safe distance and didn’t realize he’d been seen. When he caught her flower accented scent he immediately began searching for her and by the time she escaped his range he had lost the Demonslayer’s trail as well. That was only temporary though and in little time he had their trail again and seemed to be preparing an attack until just a few moments ago. There now seemed to be some inner battle going on within the huge beast’s mind, and it was as if its own conscience was telling it not to continue.

As she crept Sevele mentally rejoiced again at her recent realizations. Since Darkon sent her away and accused her of being possessed, she’d begun to heed the voice within her mind. The voice, as it turned out, knew everything about her that she thought she had forgotten. Through not so gentle instruction the voice reminded her of everything she had learned during her time in Ara’moor and afterwards. Thus she utilized those skills as she stalked the stalker, covered in sticky sap. Only a few hours before, the inner voice had informed her that if she could somehow obtain a small piece of the demon’s body, like a lock of fur or one of its sharp spines, her untapped arcane ability could be used to aid her against it. Though Darkon and the others had cast her out, she felt that was no reason she should abandon them in turn. She was determined to prove her loyalty and trustworthiness. That and the fact that her inner voice seemed obsessed with the demon kept her close to her old companions.

Standing within an arm length of the demon Sevele stopped breathing completely. Slowly and carefully she reached out with her free hand and balanced herself for she was in a precarious stance. Her other hand held her short but keen blade. Quickly and precisely she grabbed hold of one of the long spikes that protruded from its massive back and hacked it. The spike was severed cleanly and she was overjoyed at the simplicity of the task. The voice screamed for her to take it and run but she was frozen in fascination as mighty Bor’slovahn fixed her with his gaze.

With unbelievable speed Bor reached out with his massive bear claws. With uncharacteristic gentleness he used those impossibly sharp weapons to pick Sevele up by the links in her elven armor. Too late she heeded the now angry voice and tried to escape only to find herself hanging upside down by her armor.

“I have you, witch.” Bor’slovahn growled.

Sevele could only flail in the air as the demon brought her closer to his slavering maw. For a moment it seemed the thing would eviscerate her but instead it only sniffed at her and breathed in her smell.

“You mask your scent well but Bor’slovahn is not just some simple beast. Bor’slovahn can see past the sap and knows you are different from the others,” He sniffed again. “But how?” Again he snorted at her, his heated breath steaming and condensing into beads of moisture upon the small female’s face. Growing frustrated with his lack of understanding he brought her close to his gaze as if trying to peer inside her very being.

Sevele’s own patience was wearing thin. She could not believe how the savage beast hesitated. It should have killed her by now but it was more concerned with solving her riddle. She was not afraid though, and she was not afraid to die. She had perished once before and from what she recalled, which was not much, it wasn’t nearly as bad as some folk seemed to suspect. So, as she hung there practically suspended between life and death, a plan came to light. The thing was curious, so why not feed its curiosity?

“Put me down you dolt, before I turn you into a pile of ash and bits of fur!” She screamed in her most confident tone.

Again Bor’slovahn pulled her close to his face and sniffed at her, drawing her sap tangled hair into his large nostril. “Why do you struggle? Why are you not frozen with fear of Bor?”

“Fear you?” Sevele did not hesitate. “Why fear what you could so easily destroy?” She played a dangerous game and she knew it. With no true ability to harm the beast she hoped she could amuse it into relaxing. All she required was a small opening and she knew she could slip away from the hulking thing.

“You lie well, little witch. Bor’slovahn fears nothing.” To accentuate his point the demon shook Sevele like a puppy would its newest toy. She still held the severed spike tightly in her grasp and because she seemed to have forgotten about it Bor’slovahn grew angrier by the minute. The witch had dared something the demon had never thought possible though she had caused him only a modicum of pain and the spike would grow back in time. What she had done had humiliated him and exposed his weakness. If the witch escaped to tell others what she had done, Bor may no longer be feared. Dauntless his enemies might rush forth to do battle rather than being frozen in terror at his approach. Bor had been warned about the Demonslayer’s ability to survive and even be victorious in battle against his kind. He had no desire to fail his master and even less to fall to mere mortals. The witch would have to die. “Pray to your god, witch.”

Sevele concentrated at that moment, not on prayer, but on her inner voice and the secrets it revealed. As the demon drew back its other great paw she sucked in a great breath and then let out an ear piercing screech. The inhuman force of it instantly made her voice raw and soon blood gurgled from her lips and nostrils spraying the demon’s face and coloring his vision in a scarlet haze. Still, she did not stop.

Bor’slovahn’s higher range of hearing was engulfed in the noise and before he could complete his deathblow he lost his tenuous grip on Sevele and fell to his knees. Vertigo overwhelmed his senses and he struggled to keep focus as he blindly swiped outward in hopes of catching the witch by chance. He missed widely though and she continued to shriek relentlessly. Steadily as she did so she stood up and backed away from Bor toward the shadowed forest. She had no doubt she could escape now but she knew she could not possibly outrun him. Only by gaining a head start in the crowded forest could she get away quickly enough. When she reached twenty paces she turned and ran, the sickening screech gone from her bloodstained lips.

Bor’slovahn struggled to lift himself from the earth as the terrible noise finally halted. A ringing echoed still through his skull and his ears felt as if they would leak forth his brain. His vision was blurred but cleared in a few breaths and eventually he righted himself again. Once standing the demon surveyed his immediate surroundings with his strongest sensory organ, his nose. Instantly he knew the witch had fled and taken his spike with her. He could have followed her easily, once his senses were restored, but somehow he knew she would not be going far. Armed with a better understanding of the girl’s abilities and the knowledge that she was unquestioningly not what she appeared to be, he was confident that when they met again he would be better prepared. No more would he waste time in trying to decipher her puzzle. When the opportunity presented itself again Bor’slovahn would simply slay the witch and be done with it.

As Sevele ran from where the demon reeled she swallowed the building blood in her throat. The pain was horrible and she knew her voice would be gone for some time before it healed. The voice within had been right though. The demon’s greatest weapon, his acute senses, could also be his greatest weakness. Aided by infernal magic she had dealt the beast a staggering blow. She knew though that her chances would be much slimmer now that he was aware of her desire to interfere with him. The demon would not hesitate to kill her the next time so with grim purpose she found as dark and as hidden a place as she could find so she could prepare the rituals her inner voice was even now describing to her. With the demon’s broken spike in hand there were no limitations to what she could do. Bor’slovahn might think her weak and easy prey but Ashevuni planned on being the aggressor the next time they met.

Want to read more? Here are the links to Book One and Two -


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