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Free Online Poem Generators (Random Poetry and User-Seeded)

Updated on November 02, 2013

The ability to write poetry is a gift, but also a skill that can be honed through practice and study of the masters. Fortunately, many people can't tell the difference between poetry written by a human and that generated by a randomized algorithm. So if you have an English assignment that requires you to write a poem and you're feeling lazy, you're in luck! These online random poetry generators can produce reams of verse that passably sound as if they were written by an untalented human, or one who took too many bong rips. Some require nothing more than clicking a button, others let you seed the algorithm with your own word lists.

List of Random Poem Generators (Free!)

  • Language is a Virus: A fun online random poetry generator that really is no more than a single-click operation. The poetic output is free verse, unrhymed and unmetered. The theme is generally abstract with imagery from nature. Because the words and sentence structure vary randomly, the poems don't make sense, but are sufficiently "poemy" to fool a careless reader.
  • Heretical Rhyme Generator: Seed this poem generator with a single line and it will output a random 4-line poem that actually rhymes!
  • H2K Random Poetry Generator: This humorous generator has pre-set themes of "Love," "Cheating Ex-Boyfriend," "Summertime," and "Pterodactyls." The word lists and sentence patterns can be altered to create a more personalized random poem. The pre-set themes are unrhymed and unmetered, but by customizing the lists you can create poetry with more structure.
  • Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator: Poems are created by selecting the them and then filling in the blanks Mad Libs-style from a drop down menu. Not exactly random, but hilarious nonetheless.
  • Jelks Poem Generator: Just hit the "Spew!" button to generate a completely random poem. The default theme is "Sweetly" but you can change it to "Like a doctor," "Strangely," "Like Clinton," "Like Bush," "Like a hippy," "Like Jim Morrison," "Like a valley girl," or "Randomly."
  • Dada Poem Generator and another Dada Poem Generator: Both of these free online poem creators work by converting seed text to semi-nonsensical Dada-style poetry. You can input a real poem, text from an article, or even text from the infamous "Belly Fat" ads.

Who needs poetry magnets?
Who needs poetry magnets?
  • Thinkzone Poem Generator: Pre-set themes are "City" and "Sea" but the word lists and sentence patterns can by changed to deliver poetry on any theme. It also includes two blank word lists so you can add more variables to the process.
  • Machine Generated Random Poetry: This free online poem creator has a dropdown menu of pre-set forms including haiku, tanka, lanturne, nonet, quinzaine, katauta, sedoka, and clarity pyramid. It also has a list of themes that includes "The Cloud," "The Elephant and the Albatross," and "Pennsylvania '99." You can also choose the default "No Theme." This generator is the best choice for English assignments that require you to create poetry in one of the standard forms.
  • Nature Poem Generator: Created by Mel of MelsWeb, an online portal for lesbian artists. This poem generator outputs 9 lines of free verse poetry with a nature theme.
  • Poem Idea Generator: This page gives you a single line of poetry, meant to inspire you to create the rest of the poem on your own. However, nothing can stop you from clicking the button over and over again to generate as many lines of poetry as you need.
  • Poetry Generator: Simple page that gives you 3 to 7 lines of randomly generated poetic text. The words are all capitalized, so you may need to edit the output.
  • Smurf Poem Generator: A random poetry machine that produces Smurf-themed verse. Like others, it has customizable word lists and sentence patterns so you can explore more than just Smurfs.
  • Random Walk Poetry Based on Darwin's Origin of Species: This is a more sophisticated poem generator that uses Darwin's seminal book as the seed text for the output. Sentences are randomly chosen so that the lines of poetry have end-rhyme. You don't have to click a button to generate a random Darwin poem; the page automatically updates every minute to display an entirely new poem.

Random Poem Generators in Action

Here is a sampling of poetry created by some of the free online generators above.

Heaven Shunned by Goth-O-Matic

Slender beams of moonlight enter
this darkened prison as I kneel,
always supplicating, always lost,
frozen here,

Angelic forms wrought in panes of glass loom as
dust dances in the air,
forming an image in my mind,
spearing my naked eyes.

Blood on a clock's face.

I raise my head, now submitting to
this aloof mortality.

Pterodactyls by H2K Random Poetry Generator

Brightly, darkly, heavily.
We fly, but only for a while,
Though it's now more leathery and less yellow.
Tree and wing, ay, aha! birds like the desire.
O! We ate the sun and the blood, why not linger?
Reptiles exist and before them voracity fails!
As the skylines are, the suns saw silently.
Birds -- scaly birds!
When do reptiles become nights?
Only the day cowers as a pointy wing.

Elephant and Albatross Clarity Pyramid by Machine Generated

stampede jungle drums
albatross dying catharsis of water
glory birds, gold and orange the shallow birds of paradise


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    • PoeticFailosophy profile image

      Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace 3 years ago from Cuzco, Peroo

      Good finds. For the record, my brain is a random poem generator.

    • calculus-geometry profile image

      TR Smith 3 years ago from Eastern Europe

      The random-walk poetry generator is pretty cool, especially how it gets the lines to rhyme. The creator posted the source code and you can seed the basic formula with any text. I think it would be neat to seed it with another public domain book like Pride and Prejudice to auto-generate love poetry. This is a great list! As another math person I also like to share fun bits of code I come across.

    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 15 months ago

      This is cool I never knew about poem generators until now.

      Here is one that was generated and I just filled in some lines and made a short little poem in about 15 minutes. It only gave 4 lines but I could add to make a cool little poem.

      The yellow sun calmly leads a small ship through

      passages that no one every knew.

      Why does the ship sail through the sea?

      Caught in a current and never free.

      The moon is ever smeared across the bay.

      The waters take the painting in a curious way.

      The day begets night and night begets day.

      A quiet daily sojourner meeting the wave's spray

      Desolation is the girl we call our ship

      guided by the solar and lunar part of our trip.


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