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Great Short Story Recommendations, Free Online Reading For Adults And Young People

Updated on August 23, 2011

Looking for the best recommendations for free online short stories? For great online reading, you have come to the right place! Here we have story pages galore and lots of links for you to click on. Now you can immerse yourself in the world of imagination and escape into the party in your head!

All the stories listed can be enjoyed by young people and the older adult, alike. These range from the unusual to the bizarre - but I will leave that up to you to decide!

Now, look no further and enter the world of imagination and I will introduce you to new recommendations. Read on!

.                                                                       .                             .


What types of stories do we have here within these story pages? We have two bullying stories, two witch trial's, an ancient egyptian story and a futurist story about world unity. These are all rather unusual and 'twists' in these can be found in abundance. So why not take a look at the synopses?


Story Pages Link To Bullying

Aimed at the young person and teenage group, this story is about school bullying and how the character felt like a hunted fox:

'It was a misty autumn morning on the fields. Patricia was looking outside the window from the classroom – this was a demountable portacabin. Oh blissful view of boys playing in the field, only looking closer, she noticed they were kicking something. Were these typical boys, playing football? Unfortunately not. They were kicking a fox, half alive.

She noticed at short intervals, how the fox tried to stand, but just stumbled and collapsed until another boot sent it flying in the direction of a receiving boy. Time seemed to stand still on this realisation – she couldn’t estimate how long this episode took until the bell rang, but finally the bell did ring and the boys disbanded to their classes'

This is a true story and if you take a look at the links to these story pages you will see what happened to Patricia.

Ghost32 described this story as a 'masterpiece'. Madam X calls this 'a wretching story'. Others describe it as 'riveting', 'sad and too common' and, as a perpertraitor, one realises his contribution to the bullying and says 'sorry'. Check out this story now, but be prepared to be horrified!


Free Online Stories Includes Witches, You know!

Free online stories includes witches, you know!  This is a very unusual story and is suited to young people and adults alike.  Within it encompasses health information - herbal recipes to be precise!  It is informative as well as a fun, if not gruesome a story!  Want a story about witches and the killing of?  Well this one is for you!

'Burn the witch!  Burn the witch!  Burn!  The wise woman of the village is pinned to the stake in the middle of a stack of unlit wooden blocks.  She watches the clergy as the pit of her stomach churns in response to impending doom.  What was her crime?  She was the administrator of a concoction of herbs to the sick people of her community.  However, this deed was evil!'

Comments include:

'Very ingenious of you to incorporate the witch trials with these herbal remedies'

'I love the way you told an exciting (horrific actually) tale imbued with great information about the healing properties of herbs'

'This is some great stuff. I'm actually back for a second read. fantastic.'

If you want a unique, but education story, then you can't go wrong with this!  Take a peak at this online reading and see what you think!


Can Online Reading Get Like This?

Another in a similar vein to the above story.  So, can online reading get like this?  Well, the answer is yes with this witch!  She had good intentions, for what that was worth!  There was no reason for any fallace envy, just someone who wanted to help a man in need. 

'Crawling as she is grabbled by the hair. She has no choice but to crawl. Tugging away at her – now she will confess. She coughs and splutters as her knees scrape the rugged stony path. There before her is the pond. This is the very place that she used to sit next to and ponder at the marvels of butterflies and dragonflies that drifted passed her as a child. She used to collect dragonfly wings here.

She will confess. She has to, for she is a witch.'

This story has been described by others as: 'brilliant', 'When is the book coming out?' and 'You had me hooked, plain and pointedly'.

Need I say more?


The Story Pages Unfold In The Form Of Bored Angels!

The story pages unfold, here, in the form of bored angels! Another story that is suited to young people and adults alike. This one is funny and has a twist to it! The devil makes work for idle hands - well, so the saying goes - but look what happens to these angels!

'Now Angels are Angels, because they have been fairly good when they were alive, but some only managed to scrape in, like this pair. They say that even in the most evil person there is a little bit of good, so it is the same with good people. Deep down, right in the centre, these Angels were a little bit bad. Nothing terrible you understand, just a touch, right down inside where it doesn't show up

"You know," said the first Angel, " I've got an idea."...'

So, what do you think happened? Well, you will have to read it to find out! hehehe!


These Story Pages Link To The Pioneering King

Again, something unique and educational targeting young people and adults. This is an interpretation of the pharoah, Akhenaton, life. He was the first, and only king, to reject the old ways of the Gods. He believed in one God, named Aton - the sun. There were be no more Osirus and Isis.

'Looking out on the balcony on the early morning rise, I could see it. My God… The Sun. This was it! This is what my dream meant. The real life-giver – the Sun… The Aten. Where would we be without the Aten? It gives us warmth. It gives us life. When the Lilly’s grow, they push their faces toward it. As the Aten decends at night, the darkness prevails. We become cold. In my dream, I see our land revolving around it. I see the affects over the year it has upon our earth. The Aten is God. The one and only God. It bringth life and it taketh away.'

Akhenaton was a heretic, dogged with disability. This story is written as if it is his story on the pathway to power!


Free Online Short Stories - The Future!

So now we go from ancient to the future in this free online short story.  Written from the eyes of a young, newly qualified nurse, it is the year 2020.  Technology has not changed, it has evolved from what we know now.  Tagging people, in the form of implants, is deemed as normal.  All information is held within the necks of those people.  Security is kept at its optimum as CCTV becomes a way of control.  Our character, however, makes a discovery on the route in learning about her own heritage.  This changes the world forever!  This changes everything!

We Come One is about unity, liberty and one world.  Is this really what our people in power want?


Bullying Story - Let's Bully Pug!

This online reading is on the issue of bullying and has been written from a real life experience. Back in the 1950s, bullying still existed. It is not surprising to see that despite the efforts being made in today's schools, the suffering continues. This short story is an account from a boy back then... I have named him Pug, but I know him as Dad. This is his story.

'The first niggle was when Pug’s right shoe separated from his foot, held back by Skinner’s toe. “Pick up your trotters, pig-Pug” taunted Skinner.

“Get back into line laddie,” shouted the teacher, as Pug retrieved the shoe.

Then poke, poke into his back. “You’re soooo fat, you’re making my fingers bounce,” sneered Skinner. Pug said nothing, but anger was rising in him like vomit bubbling up.'

Look what happens to Pug in this true story!


More Online Reading To Come!

I hope you like my collection of free online short stories. As you can see there is a range of different story synopses containing links that connect to unusual and unique creative writing. Many have already enjoyed these freely. Now it is you who have the opportunity to enjoy some good online reading. I intend to bring forth more stories for you to enjoy, so come back and check these out! See you soon!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License


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      Shaz, This was very interesting with a good books to read.

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