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Free Kids Online Short Stories; Online Reading; Story Pages; Links For Young Children To Read

Updated on August 29, 2011

A Collection Of Story Pages

Is it free online short stories you are looking for? Well look no further for some great online reading here. Contained within these story pages are links for young children and adults alike! Forget paying for your online reading matter - get it here for free!

In this article I focus and recommend some rather special stories. Some will delight younger children are ideal for reading in the classroom and at bedtime. Others will enthrall and intrigue older children and adults. In this collection of story pages, I am sure you find something that you will enjoy, so fear not! Take a look at my recommendations and escape into the unusual - whatever the age group!

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Story Links For Younger Children And Adults

We have story links for younger children with adventures from Trevor Taxi, The Girl Who Believed In Fairies and some Envious Kings. Whereas older children and adults can enjoy the world of the bizarre with a parable from a Wise Old Woman, an odyssey from Faffenburger and how a Truth Mushroom rocked the town of Piddle. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Free Online Short Stories For Kids: Trevor The Taxi

In this children's story, suited to younger children, we have an adventure with Trevor. He is a taxi. Trevor loves his life:

'Sometimes he takes patients to the nursing home, where they can get better after being ill, and sometimes he takes people home when they have been shopping, and Stan puts all their packages inside Trevor's boot, so they will not get wet or broken.'

The black cab, in this adventure, goes far beyond the call of duty whilst he achieves his wildest dreams! What could this be? Well you will just have to read this short story for yourself!

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Free Online Short Stories For Kids: The Girl Who Believed In Fairys

The fairy queen is upset and the elves just don't know what to do:

'"Oh dear, oh dear," sobbed the queen, getting her hankie all wet with her constant crying. For the twelfth time that day, Elgie the chief elf took her hankie and wrung it out on to the carpet of grass that grew all around the palace.'

How will they manage to help the queen? Why was she so unhappy? There is only one person that can help! Can she do it?

This is a lovely fairy tale that will glow the embers of your heart - only for young little princesses!

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Free Online Short Stories For Kids: The Envious Kings

This story is suitable for 6 years and upwards.

Unfolding in the story pages of this recommendation is a children's story about two envious kings who were competing with each other:

'In spite of the easy life that the two kings had, they were not happy, for each of them kept thinking that the other one had a bigger and better palace, or owned more horses, or had more jewels or even had creamier milk.'

They were both petty and, through their envy, they caused themselves much trouble. Who do you think saved the day? Well, you will just have to read the story to find out!

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Free Online Short Stories For Kids: The Wise Old Woman

This story is probably suited to the 8 year old age range and upwards, although would appeal to adults, alike.

Here I introduce you to one of my kids online stories listed on the writing and literature section of Hubpages. In this parable you will find a magical world of wisdom involving trees, people and someone very special.

'As she stood and watched, the knowledge melted into her and the sapling grew...The magical transition took her breath away and as she watched on with ore, she noticed something strange.'

So, what was this strangeness and magical transition? Let me leave you with wonderment ... and a click of the link!

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Free Online Short Stories For Kids: Unusual Stories - Faffenburger's Odyssey

This story is probably more suited to the older child.

So who is Faffenburger? Well with one of these free online short stories for kids, we enter into a different realm. A world of nonsense as Faffenburger moves within alpha and omega. This is a rather unusual story as you will find out!

'My friend, Henry Faffenburger stomped down the long lane on his short stumpy legs, moonlight glancing off his bald-spot, which was a little surprising as there was no moon that night. As he rounded the bend, he saw a pair of headlights coming towards him. They drew level, and stopped. A small man with yellow eyes emerged from the darkness behind the lights, and enquired if Faffenburger would like a lift.

"Where are you going ?" asked my friend. "Wherever you want to go", replied the owner of the yellow eyes.'

So, the adventure begins! Where will they go? Alpha, Omega or just the middle? After all, it was a long summer - especially the middle!

Take a closer look at this - you might find something a little more strange and a little more hidden that you have noticed before. Intrigued? Well you should be with Faffenburger's Odyssey!

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Free Online Short Stories For Kids: Imaginative Short Story

The Truth Mushroom is targeted at the older child and adults, alike. In this imaginative short story we take you through a journey on how this special mushroom settled in the town of Piddle and what havoc it created to it's inhabitants.

'The mushroom had been kept in the labs 'The Eureka Corporation', that's the one that the government had been pouring millions of pounds into, and eventually gave away to a bunch of slightly dubious accountants.

Well, to cut a long story short, the mushroom had not been kept as securely as everybody had thought, and one bright morning the wretched thing, without any help from anybody, promptly exploded.'

This really is a hillarious story and well worth a read! To tell you the truth, well, it tells you the truth - that is why it is called The Truth Mushroom!

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Look Out For More Story Pages Crammed With Links For Young Children and Adults Alike

This concludes, for the time being, my free online short stories recommendations for now. However, if you are looking for more great online reading material, follow me. I intend to search out more story pages for you to enjoy - crammed with links for young children and adults alike - so keep with me here! Take a trip into the world of the imagination as we journey through the realms of adventure. See you soon!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from Great Britain

      I might join you

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      4 years ago

      Hi shazwellyn,

      I came across your article here with free online stories for kids. It's a nice set of stories, so thanks for providing them.

      Readers who liked these might like to also check out the site I just launched - a site of free short stories for kids at

      It contains many classic and modern original stories for kids and very sortable by age or reading time, all free of charge. Stories have been contributed by authors all over the world and can be read on computer, tablet or smartphone and all of them can be printed or sent to a Kindle device.

      Either way, thanks again for your article.

      Take care,



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