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Free Online Short Story; Read Unusual Stories For Kids And Adults With Alpha, Omega and Faffenburger's Odyssey

Updated on February 20, 2012

This is one of my more unusual stories. I have a number of these and you are welcome to click on the links at the end of the page to see these.

A short story based around the themes of science fiction crossed with fantasy, I am sure you will enjoy the odyssey before you.

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A Lift, Faffenburger? Strange Thing To Ask, but this is an unusual story!

I remember the day it happened, although Faffenburger had not yet told me of his adventure.

My friend, Henry Faffenburger stomped down the long lane on his short stumpy legs, moonlight glancing off his bald-spot, which was a little surprising as there was no moon that night. As he rounded the bend, he saw a pair of headlights coming towards him. They drew level, and stopped. A small man with yellow eyes emerged from the darkness behind the lights, and enquired if Faffenburger would like a lift.

"Where are you going ?" asked my friend. "Wherever you want to go", replied the owner of the yellow eyes. Henry fumbled for the door catch, but was unsuccessful in his efforts. "Don't worry about that", said yellow-eyes, so Henry simply sat down on the sofa which presented itself behind the headlights. The headlights moved off, as did yellow-eyes, Henry and the sofa. Yellow-eyes had a fine set of teeth. They were white to the point of luminosity, but even more striking were their size. They were not just large, they were huge.

"You have a very fine set of teeth", remarked Henry in passing. "Yes, they are new", replied his companion. Henry could not think of an answer to this, so not being in a mood to discuss the lack of moonlight, or the state of the world economy, he lapsed into silence.

Unusual Stories: This is Alpha & Omega - The Beginning and the End!

'Oh, nature's a wonderful thing' - very unusual & weird!

Turning a corner they came across a signpost, the headlights picking out the words London on one arm and Glasgow on the other. At the foot of the post lay a large pink cat. "Good evening" said the cat. "Good day to you", said teeth and eyes. The cat yawned, showing it's long pointed tongue. "It's been a long summer, especially the middle", the cat remarked. Henry slipped off the sofa, "must answer the call of nature", he said. "What call of nature ?" yawned the cat, turning the sign around, so that it now read ' alpha and omega'. "Oh, nature's a wonderful thing", answered teeth and eyes, swishing a large green tail in a rather fearsome way.

Henry pointed to the direction of alpha - is this usual or unusual. Unusual stories like this tend to stray into mystic realms!

A few minutes later, Faffenburger returned. "Wheres the cat ?" he asked. "I felt peckish", lisped teeth, "which way shall we go ?" Henry pointed in the direction of alpha, "best to start at the beginning, i suppose", he said. The pair climbed back on to the sofa, and they set off, gathering speed.

After they had gathered it, Henry put it into a bag, and hung it round the headlight nearest him. "Well done", said teeth and eyes, "it's getting scarce these days, always good to have some put by". The sofa swayed, it's springs twanging. "Must have some new springs fitted, but it's the wrong time of the year now", muttered teeth as he let out a long burp. "That cat's given me indigestion", he grumbled.

London-- This Way -- Glasgow

Alpha - The Runaway Star

Hello Dawn! Not so strange for unusual stories!

"It's past midnight", he said pointing a claw at the middle of the map (How unusal is this unusal story?).

"We must be getting near alpha by now", remarked Henry. "Yes it's further off than ever, that cat switched the signs around you know". They passed through a small village, and as they passed, teeth jumped out to buy some indigestion tablets. It took some time for him to catch up with the sofa, as it had not stopped.

"Where are we ?" asked Henry. Teeth produced a map and studied it. "It's past midnight", he said pointing a claw at the middle of the map. "Good heavens, as far as that" ? replied Henry, now really beginning to enjoy the game. Farms streaked by. "They are fast farms", said Henry. "They grow fast food", replied his companion. Time passed swiftly as they travelled through the countryside, every fifteen minutes an hour passed, till dawn appeared.

"This is Dawn", introduced teeth. "Nice to meet you, you have got a lovely bald spot", said Dawn. "Nice to meet you too, you are getting lighter by the second", replied Henry. Dawn did not stay long, she just sort of brightened, turning from a smile into a grin, and from a grin into a morning.

"We are nearly there now", said teeth, "want to walk ?" "Might as well", said Henry. "Don't forget the bag". Teeth lifted off the bag and turned off the headlights, and the pair set off on foot along the lane towards Omega.

"It's past midnight", he said pointing a claw at the middle of the map.

They started off at a cracking pace, but after a while they cracked and slowed down. "Pass over the bag", said Henry. He dipped down into the bag and sampled the speed. "Not bad", he said, passing it back. Before teeth could take his share, they heard the sound of a telephone. "Must be coming from that call-box", said teeth.

"What call-box" ? asked Henry. "That one" teeth said, pointing down the lane. A red telephone box raced towards them, shuddering to a halt in front of Henry. "Caught you at last, the call is for you". "I thought all telephone boxes in the country were green", said Henry, delighted to show off his superior knowledge in front of teeth.

"We get red when we have to chase people", snapped the box hotly. Henry lifted the receiver. "Hello who's there ?" he asked. "The cat", said a voice with just a hint of a purr. "I thought that teeth had eaten you", said Henry. "Only the grin", replied the cat. "Well it's nice to hear from you", said Henry, "but why have you rung ?" "to tell you about the sign".

"I know about the sign". "Alright, i will ring off then". Henry stepped out of the box, which had now turned green, and hurried up the road to catch up with teeth. The telephone box shuffled away in the opposite direction, muttering how inconsiderate people were, not even a 'thankyou', or 'kiss my hand-set' etc.

A cold wind sprang up, well not exactly sprang, more a straining lurch really

Omega lay sprawled out, looking like a dirty handkerchief abandoned in a puddle of stale tomato ketchup. A river, grey with effluent, curdled it's way through the centre, dead fish floating on it's murky surface. As the pair tramped along the drab road towards the city, the sun which had really gone all out to give the impression of a summers day, now gave up the struggle, and sank behind the cloud for a couple of hours of extra kip.

A cold wind sprang up, well not exactly sprang, more a straining lurch really, carrying with it an aroma, reminiscent of the dustbin that had got forgotten to be emptied a month or so ago.

As the pair came upon the first run-down buildings, teeth stopped and informed Henry that this was as far as he was prepared to go. They shook hands, well hands and claws really, and with a yellow tear oozing from a yellow eye, teeth bid Henry a fond farewell, saying that they would meet again when Henry had found where the end meets the beginning.

Unusual Stories: The silence was almost tangible, like an oily glue that numbed his mind.

Henry crept through the city, never actually meeting anybody but feeling that dozens of pairs of eyes were watching his every movement. Small animals, that bore no resemblance to any that Henry had seen before, hurried and scurried from his path. The silence was almost tangible, like an oily glue that numbed his mind. His footfalls echoed off the sides of crumbling buildings, bouncing along the long empty streets. Everywhere the smell of decay, clung like a maggot to a piece of bacon.

As he approached the centre of this god-forsaken city, he could hear the sound of gurgling water, as though all the sewers of the city were pouring into one gigantic sump. Slowly, his legs feeling like drainpipes, carried him to the source of the sound. In front of him, the river flowed like water down a plughole into a deep gorge. A grey curtain of spray hiding the entrance. Henry gazed through the watery web, trying to pierce the gloom, but only the eyes of the dead fish gazed back, in uncomprehending astonishment.

he took a final look into a turgid waters of the river, and jumped.

Henry did not know why he had to jump into that deep and fathomless gorge. He just had an instinctive knowledge that if he did, all the crazy things that had befallen him would be made clear. He would find where the beginning met the end, and like Dorothy, what lay at the end of the rainbow. Tucking his shoes into his belt, and taking a huge lung-full of what past for air, he took a final look into a turgid waters of the river, and jumped.

Down, down into a swirling maelstrom of heavy dark water, and detritus, of all the unwanted things that you and i cast away, he sank, tumbling and swirling into the depths of a liquid dustbin. Long minutes passed, and he thought that his lungs would cave-in under the pressure, when he felt himself being dragged to the bottom of a huge whirlpool.

It took some little time for Henry to fully take in his surroundings,

The abyss that had dragged him down, now spat him out. He travelled through the water like a cork out of a bottle until his head broke the surface, with a large 'plop' he looked around, breathing in lung-fulls of sweet air. It took some little time for Henry to fully take in his surroundings, and only when he had regained his breath and equilibrium did he look towards the bank where soft grass and sweet flowers grew, nowhere was there a sign of the dark and sinister city.

Henry dragged himself up the bank, and lay there for a little time gathering himself together. When he did eventually rouse himself, he decided that he was hungry, and with the thought of food, food appeared. It presented itself in the form of a plum tree in full fruit. Large, golden ripe plums, weighing down the boughs to the point where they might break. He reached up and gathered half-a-dozen in one hand, and as he plucked them the tree murmured 'thankyou'. "Who said that", said Henry, "who said what", said the tree. Henry sat down on the grass, hard. As he sat, he heard a small 'ouch' coming from under him, and he stood up again.

See how the beginning meets the end - a true Alpha & Omega
See how the beginning meets the end - a true Alpha & Omega

Henry looked down, and as he looked so the familiar face of the pink cat looked back

Henry ate the fruit as if in a kind of daze. So much had happened to him over the last few hours, or was it days ? He just could not bring any kind of semblance or order to his existence. He finished the plums and looked around for another delicacy, but any further thoughts of food was sharply cut short by the sound of a rather loud purr emanating from the area of his foot.

Henry looked down, and as he looked so the familiar face of the pink cat looked back. "What are you doing here?" exclaimed Henry. "The same as you", replied the cat, "trying to find the place where the end and the beginning meet". "I suppose", said Henry, "we had better try to find it together then", "good idea", said the cat. And so hand in paw, the two set off on their quest to find the land where the beginning meets the end.

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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