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Free Poetry - For the Poet

Updated on April 21, 2016

free poetry from Shonah Milne Melton.... inspirational..... written for poets..... post your poetry...

Dear Poet, I write this just for you,

To help you feel happy and overcome the blue.

I too felt stressed and unable to cope,

I felt like all I wanted to do was mope.

Until I decided to fill my life,

With happiness, by writing away my strife.

Pen to paper created positive stories and poems,

Soon I forgot my stress, my moans.

A future filled with light took some time,

To reach my pinnacle, the top of my prime.

So go ahead, write away all your fears,

For you will create light for many years.

Plan a little time each and every day,

No matter what others may do and say.

While working, cooking or even cleaning,

Let your mind wander, forever gleaning.

Take a subject and research it up,

Let your imagination be filled - just like a cup,

Let it turn over and gain life of its own,

Until the seed of light is sown.

So go on now - write, write again,

Until positive power replaces all stress and pain.


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