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Free Tips :: Making Money Online :: Part 11

Updated on August 28, 2012

How is it Going?

So, we're back, how is it going? Have you checked out ALISON or Create Space? There is certainly no time like the present to start making money. I ran across a few great options, one being Yola to create a website. I am still no good at creating websites! It's okay though, I have Hub Pages and you and you have me.

Last time we talked (I like to call it talking, even though you're reading) we were on the subject of publishing your books online. There are many ways, you could publish a PDF for instance and sell it on Clickbank, having other people sell your book for you. That works okay for a diet and exercise book, or teaching people to make money and a host of other things! There are many ways you can create a great looking PDF, but I am definitely not the person who knows how to do that. Because of this there are many entrepreneurs that market in that niche. If you happen to know how yourself, you could write an instructional PDF!

I am here to open your mind and inspire you to make more money online than you actually believed possible. A friend of mine told me that she was watching a reality show on house hunting and the couple was paying cash for the house. If I told you how much they were spending it would make you ill... Until you find out how the husband made his money. He was a blogger. As it turns out, if you are great at blogging, some blog sites will actually pay you to keep doing it!

Now until I spoke with my friend I had no idea that was possible without the "Internet Guru" items for sale from Clickbank and other sites like it. Serious money like that, life changing money, only comes to people who keep trying and failing until they succeed. You may be the one person that has a voice people identify with! A writer's voice, the voice of a story teller, or "Grandpa", a voice that resonates with people.

Finding your Voice

Another friend of mine writes just like he talks. He talks with a Long Island accent and he spells things phonetically so that his voice can still be heard when you're reading his books. I don't know if I love his books because it comforts me to "hear" him telling the story, or because the stories are great. That's what a writer's voice is all about.

As you peruse the reigning stars of Hub Pages there will be times when you feel you can actually hear them talking. Sometimes, if you become really good friends and end up talking on the phone, you'll be a bit surprised that they sound nothing like you imagined. That's because their writer's voice is different than their speaking voice. It's your choice, whose voice do you hear when you're writing? Is it yours? Your mother's, father's, a sister, brother or friend? Try, just for fun, writing and hearing a different voice than your own.

Creative Writing and Prompts

Some of you would rather write a novel about romance or suspense than one of instruction or self help. This is my favorite area! I am a creative writer at heart. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

I was lucky enough to have the best writing teachers in the world. If you have an idea for a book and you need a "more visible" prompt for your writing, try these tips. Find a picture online that represents, to you, the place or people you want to write about. You aren't using these to illustrate your novel, just to visualize your characters or the setting your story takes place in.

Once you have your visual aid you can use your Paint program to add your title. Print it out so that you can look at it, tape it to the wall above your workstation and free write. Write everything that comes into your mind with no destination if you haven't figured out the end yet! once done walk away from it for a few hours or a day. When you come back, your goal is to cut it in half. Keep writing this way. Write freely and profusely, then with a red pen slash anything you don't like or doesn't fit. When you have finished and gotten to the end, leave it for a few days. Be sure to run your spell and grammar check throughout. Once you have let the story "rest" for a couple of days, come back and read it, red pen in hand. Now it's editing time.

Make sure you are happy with the story before you upload it to Kindle or Create Space. Once you have it up be sure you write about it, EVERYWHERE! Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and here. Tweet out the article or blog. Get the message out ahead of time for the free download day, should you decide to offer that.

Your Homework

Don't forget to stick to your hub a day goal. Try to find a place where you like to blog such as Blogspot or Wordpress. You will want to keep a following happy here and there if you want to sell your e-books. You should also join social sites like Twitter and Facebook, Pinerest etc. They hubs, blog and socializing are the tools that help you promote your book. It's about as simple as it gets.

If you want to make money online writing then you should get credit for everything you write. However, there are sites where you can write and sell. Usually those sites are paying you pennies compared to what it's worth in research time and writing time. They're great for instant extra cash, but don't become dependent on that money. Often times your bids get turned down, or worse you finish something and the employer doesn't like it and therefore doesn't have to pay. You can't make residual income off of them because they aren't yours anymore. Just keep that in mind when you're writing. Starving Artist is not a romanticized phrase, it's based in fact. What happens when you are truly hungry? Your art improves and goes haywire! For those of you too young to know "Haywire" is what we used to say before Youtube, now they call it viral.

Alright, go write, go viral! I have a webinar coming up again. Talk to you soon!


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    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Gypsy Rose Lee! I really appreciate it. I forgot to follow some of my cardinal rules when I published, like grouping it with the others and sharing. I was soooo tired at the time! Talk to you soon.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Thanks for the pep talk. Great tips. Voted up and useful. Passing this on.


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