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Free Verse!!

Updated on October 5, 2009

Free Verse!!


Free verse,
stop binding
it in loose leaf,
stapling it in
dusty folders,
storing it with files
it can't use to escape
boxing it in rhyme,
rhythm, and form,
        \ /
       \ | /
      \ \ / /
      \ \ / /
     \ \ | / /
>--bust it out,--<
     / / | \ \
      / / \ \
      / / \ \
       / | \
        / \
it's been locked up
in tight lipped
poetically correct
brain cells
for far to l o n g

words are a
bubbling brook
flowing from
a gravely throat,
shrieked from
the top of a chair
over steaming cups of

make 'em crap-a-chino,

give 'em choas,
rabid rants,
squinty eyes
brain freezes
from all those words
just stacked like
Marilyn Monroe,
before the overdose,

make 'em think ink
bleed adjectives
hack up dangling participles,

make it pro-etry,
skewer the world's woes
on the point of your pen,
and roast them
over coals from your soul.

free verse, be adverse,
obverse, reversed,
conversational and yet
intensly unique,

everything else is just
pigment on the pulp
of some trees you'll never climb.


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