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A Valentine's Day poem, plus free writing/rhyming

Updated on March 4, 2016

Instructions, plan on sending her flowers with this message

once upon a time long ago, in my mind

the beer my father drank was called Valentine

frankincense and mir, stuff wise men left behind

I shrieked and ran at the thought of Frankenstein

the paper the traffic cop gave Dad was called a fine

holding a girl's hand made a shiver go up my spine

I'd really get a whoopin whenever I was out of line

me and my brother? the blind leading the blind

fast forward now as I've entered modern time

i eventually grew up, I even grew a spine

but my knees still get wobbly when I pine

for you, my love, for you to be my Valentine

Tell the delivery man to go out and comeback in with another bouquet and this message

now one more thing I must say,

that I can just be a bore

I had no present for your birthday

that, you chose to ignore

but there was a good reason

the reason's not that I'm poor

I had to wait until today

so I could get the two for!


if you didn't miss her birthday use this

but it requires a second present.

now one more thing I must say,

that I can just be a bore

you know I do things my way

a thing you usually have to ignore

this time I have good reason

it's not that I'm poor

I just had to wait until today

so I could get the two for!


A Worm's Last Wish...

On my life on earth's last day,
My end in God's claymation
I wish He would come and say,
"What creature in my creation
Would you return as someday?"
I'd answer in an instant that question.
And my answer would have to be
A creature who is always home
Yet always yearning to be free.
One that loves the wild to roam
Some live on land or in the sea
The name by which this creature is known
Is The Turtle, oh God bless me
And this being my favorite kind
I'd love to come back as
Whose shell is of infinite design!
And though in a race he'll be last,
The sun is his homing sign.
So who needs to be fast?
In the fall he digs down in the ground
And takes a long winter's sleep
To keep from becoming snowbound.
He'll stay where it's dark, warm and deep
Only to emerge from this earthen mound
In spring to join the creatures that creep!
So laugh if you think this worm is silly
But the box turtle is one creature
That always lives it's life humbly
Though made legendary in folk lure.
Living long as humans, you see
He is beautiful when fully mature.
He'd be my first choice, for sure...for sure!
Cause I am just dying to see
Exactly just what is the allure
That makes this little turtle boxie
Want to,..more and more and more,
Devour worms like li'l ol'e meeeee,

A box turtle I'd be and that's what for!

~~~~~~Heaven's the place~~~~~~ ~~~where only humans can go~~


The Turtle and the Crape Myrtle

Hello, My name is Myrtle,
How do you do!
And your name is? ...Turtle?
Since you will not spew,
I name you Turtle.
And from this day too,

You will be known,
As of course will I,
By a name carved in Stone
When we both die.

Well yes, I do jest
For all nature knows
That privilege only
To humans goes!
But it would be nice
And I'd like to think
We'd be memorialized
When we're on the brink
Of being reborn
In Heaven of course;

Where there is no death,
You are with the source.
There is no last breath.
Eternal life is the force
That leads you to Him
Who erases remorse.
But I am dreaming!
For as we both know
Heaven's the place
Where only humans can go.


When I Was Ten

When I was only ten
I 'd watch some Men
How they would open
For all of the women
Doors, now and then

And I saw them when
All seats were taken.
Like they just awakened,
Leap up a offerin
The seat they were sittin' in

Even for old Miss McCrimmon
Who, though not great lookin',
Was great at cookin'
The Men there knowin'
Where they'd be goin'

So that's sorta when
I started figurin'
Women outlive Men
Thanks to them
An' all their katerin'

Time keeps on pass'n
The Men'r all gone
'Cause war come a callin'
Doors aren't openin'
Empty seats now for sittin'

So is it wisdom I'm learnin'

'Bout men an' 'bout women

When it comes to outlivin'?

Must I change my thinkin'

Now that I'm eleven?

Still I remember when
I was ten
There were men
And then ...
There were Men


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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 5 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Like Paula said about 2 years ago...


      Sorry for commenting about 2-5 years late,

      Gemini Descendant

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Yeah....maybe. But maybe not. BRAVO!!

      LOOK everyone!! Tsad made a poem and a lovely one at that.

      How sweet and loving he is to his wife....OK, I know, he's a tad bit weird but he tries really hard and that's what matters.....least that's what they say.

      For this Valentine poem, we'll give you a "TEN" and forgive you for all the times you forgot. Just don't push your luck....We're watching you!!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 6 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Maybe - maybe just weird eh? Thanks.

    • Saksham Malik profile image

      Saksham Malik 6 years ago from Chandigarh, India