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Freedom: An American Dream

Updated on October 8, 2015
Poverty: "Damaged Child," Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 1936.
Poverty: "Damaged Child," Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 1936. | Source

If the ruling elite who run this evil world system should ever read what I have written here, I am sure they would be impressed, and perhaps even offer me a lucrative position working for their propoganda machine. These days I am so disgusted with the apathetic attitude of the American people toward a tyrannical world system, that I might actually accept such an offer. The ruling class should be impressed that someone from the lower classes with very little formal education, would have figured it all out on his own. Ironically, I am working for the ruling elite's propaganda machine right now; before your very eye's. How so? I am helping them by providing an example of "free speech". They do not care if I say unflattering things about them, or their evil system. My words do not affect their position, their power, or their bank accounts.

On the contrary, my words help the ruling elite because my ability to criticize the powerful creates the illusion among the proletariat that we are free. Many who have been deceived by this tactic will say," A totalitarian government would arrest and imprison you for speaking out against them. You would not be given the opportunity to stir unrest or attempt to incite a revolution!" But my freedom to speak only reveals the cleverness of their deception. The ruling class knows that if I am allowed to speak freely, a majority will not see the truth, but only the illusion of a contradiction. They will see that I am claiming to be oppressed,but that I am speaking freely against my oppressor. This can diminish my credibility, and lead the people to believe that my words are the words of a madman, a fool, or a misguided man with good intentions. And so, I am free to say whatever I wish, the more venemous and deragotory the better, because the ruling class knows that the majority will not listen, or take action. They understand that the majority are more concerned with American Idol, the Superbowl, or the Shopping Mall, than a real, tangible, freedom that most Americans have never known. It is well understood that a slave will not try to free himself if he already believes that he is free. And so we can see the insidious nature of this evil system. If the citizen is apathetic it helps to perpetuate the system. But if the citizen speaks out in defiance, it also helps to perpetuate the system by creating an illusion of freedom. Yes, the American Dream is very clever indeed, and it is a dream come true for those who are securely fastened in the drivers seat.


Proving The Lie

One of the most famous lies ever told is that America made us free. Of course, if we could go back to the antebellum and share this expression with an African slave, they would either laugh or spit in our face. America didn't bring freedom to the Indigenous nations of this continent either. The Indigenous were only free "before" Columbus arrived. It has been downhill ever since. But for those of you who scoff and say that I am talking ancient history, I will provide a current example that clearly illustrates that the only freedom that exists in America is the freedom of the ruling elite to perpetualy enslave and control the masses.

First of all, I will clarify my argument:

If you are a white man, you are not free in America.
If you are a black man, you are not free in America.
If you are red,yellow,or brown, you are not free in America.
The only color that is free in America is green.

The Rich and the Poor In The U.S. 2014

Total Population
3.7% of Total Population
14.8% Total Population

If you were born in the working classes; if you are a member of the proletariat, you will never be able to make yourself "green enough" to rise above your servitude and be free. Not in a million years. There are many reasons for this, and the ruling class has many means of control. But one of the greatest means of control is the concept of Real Estate: the imaginary ownership of property. Real Estate is most likely one of thre greatest evils known to mankind. As I have written before,no man has the right to charge a price of admission, or place a tax upon something that he did not himself create. No man has created one inch of this Earth. But if this is so, I challenge anyone to show me this man. Please tell me his name!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Where is the man who created one inch of this Earth?

I swear upon the bones of my ancestors that such a man does not exist.The reader might ask." By what, or upon whose authority do you make such a grand proclamation? Where is your proof that the concept of Real Estate is evil?" My statement is proven through religious teachings, and through the world around us.

I will appeal to the readers common sense from two different perspectives:

The Evil of Real Estate From A Christian Perspective

Emmanuel Swedenborg was a Christian philosopher of the 18th century. In his most famous work, "Heaven and Hell" we find the following:

" ... Everyone in the heavens knows and believes and even perceives that he wills and does nothing of good from himself, and that he thinks and believes nothing of truth from himself, but only from the Divine, thus from the Lord; also that good from himself is not good, and truth from himself is not truth, because these have in them no life from the Divine..."

" ... Angels from their wisdom go still further. They say that not only everything good and true is from the Lord, but everything of life as well. They confirm it by this, that nothing can spring from itself, but only from something prior to itself; therefore all things spring from a first, which they call the very being [esse] of the life of all things. And in like manner all things continue to exist, for continuous existence is a ceaseless springing forth, and whatever is not continually held by means of intermediates in connection with the first instantly disperses and is wholly dissipated. They say also that there is but one fountain of life, and that man’s life is a rivulet therefrom, which if it did not unceasingly continue from its fountain would immediately flow away..."

In other words, all that "is" comes forth from God. Consequently, even that which we believe we have created ourselves, and claim sole ownership of, is only an illusion. Our creations are simply the power of God manifested through us. From this perspective, to claim sole ownership of anything we have created is vain, arrogant, sinful, and absurd. To go one step further and claim that which we did not even create , such as the land, and all that lies beneath it, is surely an abomination in the eyes of God.

The Evil of Real Estate From A Practical Perspective

Life is very good in the United States if you have money. Especially if you have enough money to provide a safety net in case you fall down. But the poor who have been herded into the inner city ghettos and housing projects hardly stand a chance. Yes there are those exceptions; talented individuals who through sports, or scholastic acheivment, are able to break the cycle of poverty. There are also those who possess no special talent, but through hard work and dedication also free themselves from a life of poverty. But for every success story, there are thousands more who will never rise above it. We have seen Republican and Democratic administrations come and go since the turn of the 20th century. But the ghettos remain, and in many areas have continued to get worse.

A lot of those who are insulated by wealth and privilege, or those of the lower middle class who live in relatively comfortable neighborhoods, simply don't realize the desperation and hopelessness that exists in the inner cities. Let it be known that "no one" wants to live in poverty. It is a myth that many living in the ghetto prefer a lifestyle of handouts, foodstamps, and public assistance. The average person wants the freedom to earn their own way, and to support themselves. In the ghettoes of America, such freedom is in short supply. In many housing projects and communities of the inner city, the citizen has no option to grow their own food, which should by law be considered a basic human right. People are also forced to live in dangerous, overcrowded, and unsanitary conditions. Malnutrition,overcrowding, poverty, and homelessness create desperation. Where there is an abundance of desperation, there will always be an abundance of crime, and violence.

The threshold of Real Estate has been set so high that a majority of those living in the inner city will never have their own property, or own their own home. I have focused so far on the inner city, but the truth is, there are many in the lower middle class who also can never hope to own their own home or property. This situation that has been created by a system of Real Estate is nothing less than a crime against humanity that continues to marginalize and ruin the lives of millions of citizens Every citizen deserves the right to live in a home of their own, to have stewardship of their own property; a property that is their birthright,free and clear; a property that can never be bought or sold; property that can never be confiscated or involuntarily taxed by the state for any reason. What I have just described is not an "American Dream", but is true freedom!

Yes, the American has been taught that it is right and proper to purchase land and then build a home, after which they must pay taxes on that home, and most likely be straddled with a 20-30 year mortgage. But there is nothing proper about it. The evil system of Real Estate, and the stranglehold it has on the American public must be broken. You are not free if you are forced to pay another man for the air, the water, or the land. God made the Earth for all of creation. We are not bound to pay tribute, or a price of admission to anyone in order to enjoy the basic necessities of life. The land is a basic necessity, and the perversion of Real Estate is destroying the world.

A Humane And Practical Solution

Since I have already expressed the absurdity, and the illusion of ownership, to use the term "land ownership" to express my argument would only be confusing. Consequently, I have decided that a more useful, accurate, and realistic term is "land stewardship". We can clearly see throughout the historical record the connection between poverty, homelessness, crime, and Real Estate. By replacing the idea of land ownership with land stewardship, we would aleviate, and possibly eliminate many of these problems. In the civilized world that I have imagined, there would be no mass concentration of poor people in sprawling cities such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Each citizen of the United States would, at birth, be granted by the state, or local community, a lifetime stewardship over a parcel of land. The initial size of this parcel would be decided by the needs of the community as well as the local geography. A citizen after becoming an adult could request a larger or smaller parcel of land, depending on his or her needs. A citizen would not be allowed to sale the land. The citizen would only be able to trade one stewardship for another. Furthermore, said citizen would not be permitted to relinquish his, or her title of stewardship. This would insure that throughout the lifetime of any given citizen, homelessness would never be an issue, or even a remote possibility.

The reader might wonder if I am suggesting converting to an agrarian society. No, not necessarily. Each citizen would choose whether to stay dependent upon a collective "supermarket" system, grow their own food, or to grow food for commercial purposes. Those who elected to become commercial farmers would obviously be allotted a larger parcel of land.

The citizen would be responsible for either building their own home on their parcel of land, or paying to have one built for them. Those who choose neither option could pitch a tent, sleep under the stars, or live with someone else. We can understand that in such a society the very poor would not be defined as they are today. Even under the current capitalist system, the very poor would always have a home, even if it were just a tent,an outhouse,and running water. Those who were able would have the capability of growing their own food, and so starvation or severe malnutrition would not exist as it does today. Last but not least, population density would be strictly controlled, with wide buffer zones between communities. For instance: A city the size of Los Angeles would simply not be permitted to exist in it's current configuration.

Urban Relocation

According to the Census Bureau (2010): 94.6 Percent of U.S. Is Rural Open Space. It is reported that more than two out of three Americans live in urbanized areas. These areas collectively cover 2 percent of the nation’s land area. Counting urbanized areas and urban clusters together, nearly four out of five Americans live in an urban setting. Urbanized areas and urban clusters cover 2.6 percent of the nation’s land. We can see from these figures that there is more than enough land to accommodate an urban relocation program. Public land as well as land purchased from private landowners by the state would be used for the relocation.

Of course this would require planning, and lots of time and money, and it would take years to transition from our current Real Estate system. It would also eventually destroy the Real Estate industry. But that should be the main goal: to remove from among us an institution, and a business that has created so much misery in our world. Yes, many who depend on the Real Estate industry would lose their livelihoods, and some would lose fortunes. But there is a price for freedom. Many who profited from slavery suffered as a result of the Civil War. Today freedom is at hand. But are we willing as a nation to pay the price?


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