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Freeing Your Imagination

Updated on April 8, 2008

Writing with Mind and Heart

There seems to be a very real truth about writing that I've discovered in the years I've devoted to it. Learn this and you can write any story in any setting with any characters and make it believable. Not only believable, but enjoyable. To write a truely good story, you have to balance between the logically and the purely whimsical. If you can take an interesting idea, no matter how fanciful, and add just enough sense to it to make it work, the reader's imagination will do the rest. Of all the rules and advice peers give you, this is the most important. This, however is something you have to learn on your own. The more you play with it, the easier it will become.

Breaking Boundaries in Writing

Writer's block is a bane that all writers deal with sooner or later. Every once in a while you have to take a step back, sleep on it and come back with a fresh mind. However, deadlines are a reality too.

The truth is that creative ideas and concepts can hit at anytime, any place. Writing can be easy or it can be elusive and challenging. This is why I always carry a small notebook and pencil. Just in case the urge should strike.

When the ideas aren't quite there, submerge yourself in things that have to do with what you are writing. Be it movies, books, websites or places, surrounding yourself with things that make you think about your story will open new possibilities.

Writing for others starts with Writing for yourself

If you enjoy what you write, it is going to come through in the writing. Only by having fun writing, will the reader have fun reading. True, you can't please everyone. Your writing is going to have people who connect to it, and those who simply don't. It's not failure to have critics, it gives you a goal to strive for. Consider it a challenge to rise to.

You have to start by letting your thoughts and ideas loose. During this process, just write anything and everything you think about. Make stories about it, do research, play with your imagination. There will be lots of ideas that go nowhere, were just random tangents. However, if there is just one that speaks to you, just one that you think about all the time, you can wrap an entire story around it. And then you've got it!

Many of my stories come from one single thought. I see something, hear something, even smell something and I play with it. Here's a little secret... I like to talk to myself when this happens. For me, it makes it easier to see and hear how a certain situation or conversation will take place. Funny I know, but it works. I'll even find myself making facial expressions and gestures as I write.


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    • profile image

      ML Pyle 10 years ago

      I am really impressed with your ability to communicate even "educational content" with a real flare tha invites the reader to continue reading until there is no more.


    • dcbrown2000 profile image

      David 10 years ago from Sour Lake, Tx

      It is your imagination! Your ideas are yours alone. When writing, express your ideas. Whether they are as you say locical or whimsical will depend on the readers view.