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Freelance Web Writers: Why Pitching Yourself as a Niche Writer Can Get You More SEO Writing Jobs

Updated on March 1, 2010

Why to "Niche It to Success" as an SEO Writer

If you’re a freelance web writer and you offer SEO copywriting services, how would you like to land more SEO writing jobs? One way to do it is to pitching yourself as a niche writer. As an SEO copywriter, I can tell you first-hand that this works. Following are three reasons why.

1. SEO Specialist: Specialists are viewed as experts – this is across the board in almost every profession. SEO writing is not exempt.

SEO Copywriting Success! How I Landed 14 SEO Writing Jobs in One Week

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993, but I only started to offer SEO copywriting services in 2007 (boy how time flies – seems like it was only yesterday). But, I digress.

When I first started offering SEO content, I pitched myself as an SEO writer who specialized in providing general real estate and mortgages content. And guess what? My very first SEO article writing job was writing content on mortgages for an internet marketing firm in Canada.

After I’d produce a few of these, the firm went on to give me 14 other assignments – in just one week!

I worked with this firm for over a year and during that time I wrote hundreds of SEO articles for them covering every topic under the sun – eg, wedding cake toppers, wire jewelry, welding (yes, welding!), ski resorts, etc.

BUT, what got me in the door initially was my expertise as a real estate/mortgages writer.

2. Write Faster: When you’re a niche writer, you tend to develop a large body of knowledge on the subject at hand. And if you’re an SEO copywriter, you know how valuable “speed writing” can be to your bottom line.

It cuts down immensely on the amount of research you have to d for each article. This, in turn, means you can produce more copy, which means you can make more money, which brings us to the last reason to specialize as an SEO writer . . .

3. Double or Triple Your Income:  How would you like to double or triple your SEO writing income, without doubling or tripling the amount of time you spend at your computer? Being a niche writer allows you to do this. How?

You see, the more you write on a particular subject, the more knowledge you gain. Hence, you’re able to write even faster and make even more money. Now, multiply this by various clients. Every client you pick up in your niche adds means more money for you without putting in more time. Why is this so?

When you pick up several clients in your niche, you’re can in essence double or triple your income because you can repurpose content you write on one subject and sell it to many different clients.  

For example, let’s say you write an article for one client entitled, “How to Get a Home Loan in a Recession.” You can then turn around and rewrite this same article --- from a different angle and with a different title (eg, “How to Qualify for a Mortgage in a Recession”) and sell it again.

To explain, all the vast majority of SEO writing clients want is unique, interesting, informative content. Most times, they’ll leave the details of the subject matter up to the SEO copywriter (you). This means you can  repurpose/rewrite the content.

Same SEO article, same amount of research time – two different payments.

The bottom line is, “nicheing it to success as an SEO writer,” can be so much easier than try to be everything to everybody. Most times, once a firm hires you to write SEO content, if they’re pleased with what you turn in, they’ll be happy to pass along other SEO writing jobs to you.

Learn more about SEO writing and get SEO copywriting training that teaches you how to earn $100 - $300 per day writing this kind of web content.


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      This is a very timely article for me. I just decided to "niche" myself and all of a sudden your article pops up for me to read. It's fate! Thank you for the solid information on this subject.


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