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Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners Online

Updated on October 13, 2013

Recently your friend told you that you can get paid by writing online and now all you need to find is a tutorial on freelance writing jobs for beginners, which is exactly what we have come up for you. One of the benefits of being a freelance writer online is that you can set your own schedule and also choose which projects you’d like to write about. For example, there are blog writers, forum posters, or even support representatives who work in chatrooms. You see, there are many ways that you can earn as a writer online...

Can you really make money online?

Of course, you can! One of the things you need to do first is determine who is paying (make sure they have good feedback) and if the company who is hiring has a strong reviews that outline their positive traits. Obviously, you need to do all the research you can before you start working online.

I remember when I first started writing online. My friend told me that she wrote for a company called Ehow. She made payout through Google Adsense so I started. By the end of the year, I had around 300 articles. I wrote at least one each day. By my second year, I was pulling in $800 a month before they shut down their writer's compensation program. A lot of people were bummed about it but they eventually moved on to Infobarrel and other writing sites.

Get paid to chat

Did you know you can get paid for chatting online? There are many website owners looking for support representatives. You’ll be responsible for memorizing a FAQ sheet (or you’ll have it on reference) on common questions that customers ask. You’ll also have information on products that a customer or client may want to know about. Most webmasters cannot do this themselves so they outsource it to someone else since they are so busy.

Paid forum posting

Have you ever heard of paid forum posting before? If not - we strongly recommend using Postloop. There are hundreds of people who are already working there, earning for each post they make in a forum of their choice. There are over 100 forums to choose from too and this is the best part. Choose from cat, construction, language, SEO, webmaster, or even mom forums.

Data entry work from home

Let’s say you want to do data entry from home. You can easily pick up clients online who would like to hire you. Data entry involves typing from another resource. Let’s say for example, you are typing everything that the news says on TV. There are a lot of clients who need this so that way they can add the articles you’ve typed, putting them onto their website. There are many other data entry jobs but this is just a prime example of what you’ll be doing.

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List of the best get paid websites to write at

  • Hubpages

  • Infobarrel

  • Seekyt

  • Zujava

  • Postloop


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