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Freelance Writing.. What is it? Are You One?

Updated on August 25, 2011

Freelance writing and the life of a freelance have gained a romantic gleaning in movies and TV shows. The demanding newspaper editor waiting for the big scoop or the magazine publisher edging for the cover story that grips the supermarket isle. In reality freelance writing is hard work and in this business only the strong survive! Freelance writing has its pros and cons and there are a number of faces of the modern day freelance writer.

There is a difference between a blogger and a freelancer although the lines can blur somewhat in our virtual society. Essentially freelance writing is a skill. Freelance writers need to know proper punctuation, sentence structure and form. It is also essential to use proper grammar, for example, knowing the difference between your and you're.

Many times a freelance writer must step outside of their comfort zone bidding on jobs, learning what to charge for jobs and being your own boss are a challenge but there are big rewards! Writers can make their own hours, be home with the kids and write about a variety of exciting topics.

There is a new freelance opportunity available as well. Online freelance writers are hired to do an infinite amount of writing jobs! Blogs, articles, product descriptions even writing copy for adult movies!! Companies will pay stay at home moms, retired grandmas and college kids money to do writing jobs for them! This is quickly becoming the new face of the online freelance business which is opening up to everyone! is like the ebay of the online job market. People with all kinds of skills bid for jobs and do the work for big corporations, small businesses and individuals. It is an interesting network of computer programmers, accountants and even creative freelance writers and bloggers!

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer, be diligent, research your topic, have the self-discipline to meet your deadlines. The most important of all is to enjoy the work you are doing and always look for ways to improve.

July 28 2010


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